Texas bill would legalize full-strength medical marijuana

A Texas lawmaker has introduced a bill that would expand the state’s current CBD program to include full-strength medical marijuana and additional qualifying conditions, which could create a massive new MMJ market.

The legislation, introduced by Sen. José Menéndez on Tuesday, is expected to face an uphill battle, according to the Austin American-Statesman. A similar bill died last year. The Republican Party controls both the legislature and the governorship.

Under the current Texas Compassionate Use Program, patients can take CBD oils only if they suffer from epilepsy.

“Doctors, not politicians, should be determining what is best for Texas patients,” Menéndez said in a news release. “This is legitimate medicine that can help a variety of sick people, from the grandmother suffering from cancer to the veteran coping with PTSD after returning home from war.”

His legislation would allow patients to access MMJ through a recommendation from their physician.

After the historic Nov. 8 election, when eight states passed some form of marijuana legislation, Texas politicians wasted little time jumping on the bandwagon, with lawmakers filing both medical and adult-use bills.

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3 comments on “Texas bill would legalize full-strength medical marijuana
  1. Pat MaGroin on

    Most Texas legislators not all but most suffer from autism , fetal alcohol syndrome And everybody else is a bully ,,,, i’m probably wrong but I doubt it Drill baby drill

  2. Suzanne Kohutek on

    Legalizing MMJ and/or rec. MMJ only means more millions of tax money for Texas. Our state can always use more funds for all kinds of uses. Not to mention the obvious, which is patient care for our people in our great state of Texas. This cannot be stopped so why not conform with the times and get back on track and make use of this form of revenue.

  3. Danny Heflin on

    It is about time Texas Pulls its head out of its own Ass & gets with the times, this State has preserved these ancient Racist & Bigot born laws for too Long Wake The F Up Texans & Legalize Cannabis already or do you prefer being the State that keeps the Cartels Making money when a majority of states are seeing that the market has always been there & they have simply been supporting Terrorism with these ignorant Racist Bigot Born Laws. We all know Racists & Bigots all believed in Terrorism as a Required part of governing the Nation, hence they created the biggest Terrorist group the USA has ever seen in the KKK! Grow Up Texas & Texans & all of the USA for that matter, yes some import Taxes will drop off when there isn’t a USA interest in Illegal Cannabis any longer but those were Illegal Imports already that were never properly Taxed since the container may have contained 49,850 in Taxable goods but there was easily 2 Million in Illicit goods hidden in that single container. Learn these Racist & Bigot born Laws have always been the Problem & fix the BS Now!

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