Texas lawmakers OK new conditions for medical cannabis use

Texas lawmakers passed a bill that would increase the number of qualifying patient conditions for medical marijuana, a development that likely could boost dispensary sales in the state’s limited MMJ program.

The Texas Senate passed HB 3703 on Wednesday after it previously advanced through the State House.

The measure now goes to the desk of Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican.

Currently, Texas allows the sale of medical cannabis only to people with intractable epilepsy.

If signed into law by the governor, HB 3703 would add all forms of epilepsy, seizure disorders, autism, terminal cancer, Parkinson’s and other conditions, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The bill would retain a 0.5% cap on THC content.

The measure authorizes a more narrow expansion of the state’s medical cannabis program than HB 1365, which has passed the House but still is in the Senate with five days to go in the legislative session.

HB 1365 also would allow post-traumatic stress disorder as a qualifying condition as well as ailments that produce severe pain and nausea. The measure also would establish a new oversight board that could consider higher dosages for specific conditions.

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20 comments on “Texas lawmakers OK new conditions for medical cannabis use
  1. Tammy Brazier on

    I suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, sever social anxiety,and insomnia/ sleep apnea.Would I qualify for medical marijuana use in Texas based on this new law?

    • Debbi Letot on

      Does this include Peripheral Neuropathy ?? I’m in severe pain all the time. Gabapentin doesn’t work for me & I can’t afford Lyrica. My neurologist would offer it to me because the usual drugs for Neuropathy haven’t worked for me. I truly hope you didn’t leave Neuropathy patients out in the cold.

    • Scott on

      Not sure if you have walked in my shoes….15 spine and neck surgeries…stage 3 colon cancer…i understand the apprehension but smoking is only way i can sleep or take Another or More medication

    • J on

      Watch the movie on Netflix called “WEED THE PEOPLE”. Share the movie and trailers to people you know and social media. Then after you watch it, then decide your position on legalized medical marijuana.

      Please do as I did, who grew-up during the “just say no” campaign. I decided to watch several documentaries about medical marijuana and also reading studies. I did not know that marijuana was a common part of pharmacy medicine in America for a time, that it has been used as medicine for thousand years, the entire history of uses including fabric to paper, how it was farmed in America until Britain found Tobacco was a bigger profit cash crop. Tobacco and Alcohol are ranked top for most deadly and abused drugs, yet no limit for a person can buy it at any gas station store even though the dangers of DUI, organ damage, cancers, and intoxication.

      That the human brain has receptors specific for cannibas, how it treats pain and cancer.

      • Gloria on

        I completely agree with you!. Weed ! Marijuana ! Cannabis ! Mary Jane!…? however it’s an herb that was on earth at the beginning ,and it is from the nature of creations “If that makes sense” which is a seed just like vegetables ext..has seeds and most plants those are not man-made it is what God put on earth to heal things “Conditions” that he knew men may have to endure such as arthritis, seizures, pain ,anxiety ,depression and as well as Other Conditions..It shouldn’t be taxed at all It doesn’t make any sense for the government to allow all alcohol to be sold to people Knowing that it causes Liver damage that kills you ,, There are alcohol stores in some places on every block it’s killing young people as well at an early age ! We only have one Liver when is gone have to get another one or else that marijuana don’t kill you so they need to release The truth about Marijuana “Cannabis”
        But they have a problem legalizing Marijuana which they know it can only help people !! what’s wrong with that picture !!” I think it has a lot to do with taxes and gain and money from government to doctors and pharmaceuticals , they keep people sick so That they can make money constantly it’s almost like a conspiracy to keep people sick they know that marijuana can stop people from having to go to the doctors and taking medication and they don’t want to give it up ,,So hopefully Texas get legalized pretty soon as some States Already have?..

    • Brittany on

      Wow such a hater on people who choose holistic ways instead of taking drugs that turn them to addicts one day you’ll get your karma.

      • Kimberley on

        That is from someone who doesn’t understand. my mom has Alzheimer’s and all the meds make it to where she can’t walk. The CBD you by at a local store doesn’t work and the combativeness is getting bad. I was hoping Alzheimer’s was on the list. Being a psych nurse, people need to understand that marijuana is the least of our worries. We open up opioid clinics and have clients shooting up meth. Really? There is a huge difference. Work on the real problem out there.

  2. Jane Mostowitz President Houston CFIDS Association on

    I’m President of Houston CFIDS Association on Facebook. Most of us also have fibromyalgia. Both diseases are horrific. ME/CFS has been known by many names Yuppie flu, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, others, and now Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Recent research has proven our symptomology is worse then MS which is short for Multiple Sclerosis.

    For someone to say our governor should not sign this bill to expand the medical conditions must come from someone that’s never been chronically ill.

    I not only have ME/CFSfibromyalgia along with every back and neck issue known to man including having major surgery.

    This isn’t the 1960s. If you’re against medical marijuana get a grip. It’s not about getting high and smoking drugs. This is totally different pain reliever, seizure, depression, PTSD medicine Etc. People need to grow up and stop being judgemental on things that help.

    Eastern medicine has been around way longer than Western. They’ve used herbs, plants, and other organic items to heal people and cure disease. Westerners seem to think they’re the only ones that are scientific. Enough is enough.

    I hope my my medical conditions qualify me to use medical marijuana because I need it as do millions of Americans

  3. Jim on

    I suffer from PTSD and spinal damage that is service connect and the va can only give me disabling drug’s. I’m in pain people like me need choice s not jail.

  4. Margaret J Vandeventer on

    I too suffer from PTSD bipolar diabetes herniated disk in my back I have nausea everyday insomnia pain in several locations due to 10yrs physical abuse and depression I smoke it sadly illegally but without it I can not function hardly at all please don’t judge it people like me need it and would rather do this than pop opiates and become addicts on unsafe drugs pass the law save some lives my father also 8s a vet and gets no help he too has many ailments and deserves it also give TX legal medicinal marijuana please #freetheweed

  5. Mark O on

    I agree that everyone just needs to get a clue before commenting on what kind of medication works for people’s conditions! I was on a very large dose of opiates for 10yrs and stopped taking them as they were making me a junky! Having an option where you can get relief and stay clearheaded is def a better option!!

  6. Larry on

    I have had crohns for 60 years 12 years ago I went from no chemicals to 5000 mg a day I read about medical marijuana and crohns I know it’s illegal but after 4 stomach surgery’s I tried it it took 4 years but I have been off all chrome meds unfortunately the doctors forgot to tell me oh these drugs have great side affects like diabetes now in second degree kidney failure high blood pressure so I’m a firm believer in medical marijuana it helped me so much I have to look over my shoulder not to get arrested for something that helps me so

  7. Mandi on

    I have severe anxiety, that causes seizures, ptsd chronic insomnia and borderline personality disorder. Having bpd I can’t control my emotions like others but when I smoke I can think straight and actually be a functioning human. It sucks because I’ve been on 20 different medication that make me feel worse then weed has ever made me feel. It’s not about getting High… for some people it’s to ease the pain not just physically by mentally. For people who hate people for smoking illegally or using it medically don’t understand some illnesses especially mental can be so challenging. I was in 7 medications in high school jus to function. I felt like a zombie and honestly made my depression worse. I don’t take my meds I’d rather deal with them then feel like a zombie. I couldn’t even remember what my next class was sometimes because I couldn’t even remember I was at school. Cannabis shouldn’t be taxed either. It’s a medicine. A PLANT that anyone can grow. But noooooo you have to tax it because it’s always been about money. I’ve seen so many people in my lifetime turn to harder stuff that can kill them because of their mental state. It’s not fair you have to make us basically do illegal things jus to feel alive. And function. I hope weed becomes legal.

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