Texas licenses first producer to grow low-THC medical cannabis

Texas has given the green light to one of three planned CBD producers in the state, but the program remains severely constricted.

In the first step to putting the Texas Compassionate Use Program into action, the Department of Public Safety issued a final business license to Engle-based Cansortium Texas, according to CultureMap Austin.

Surterra Texas and Compassionate Cultivation still are awaiting final approval after advancing out of the original pool of 43 applicants.

Under the Texas program:

  • Only low-THC (a maximum of 0.5%) medical cannabis oil may be produced.
  • The oil may be sold only to patients suffering from severe epilepsy.
  • Doctors are required to “prescribe” CBD – rather than recommend it – which is a violation of federal law.

Additionally, according to the Houston Press, two physicians must agree that a patient would benefit from medical marijuana before it can be prescribed.

Only 411 doctors in Texas have the necessary qualifications to sign up to prescribe CBD, according to the Marijuana Policy Project.

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2 comments on “Texas licenses first producer to grow low-THC medical cannabis
  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Gee, that’s odd. Texans are supposed to loathe federal powers. Yet for decades they have prolonged with zeal the federal tyranny targeting seedless, female cannabis flowers, wasting billions every year in a war against them as they smother a Texas cannabis economy worth perhaps tens of billions. The relentless arrogance of our federal and state lawmakers and bureaucrats on this issue knows no bounds. This fraudulent war on “marihuana” is such a glaring contradiction of ‘limited government’ and ‘free trade’ principles! Maybe Texas should change its motto to the Lame Star State, considering how its officials coldly persist in forcing so many residents to suffer—cancer patients and survivors, those enduring Parkinson’s, MS and PTSD, etc—without legal access to the full assortment of medical cannabis products. Absolutely pathetic, anywhere it keeps happening.

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