Texas mulls a broadened limited medical marijuana program

Texas is looking at dramatically expanding its limited medical cannabis program to allow patients with a range of new medical conditions, from post-traumatic stress disorder to cancer, to qualify for marijuana-derived oils high in CBD.

A bill was approved 7-1 by the House Committee on Public Health and is awaiting a vote in the Texas House that would add new patients to the state’s restrictive MMJ program, which caps THC content at 0.5% THC.

That’s just a hair above the federal limit for hemp, which is 0.3% THC. Texas also requires that MMJ products contain 10% CBD.

The change could considerably widen Texas’ medical marijuana patient pool, and thus provide expanded opportunities for MMJ businesses.

Texas currently limits MMJ to people with intractable epilepsy. The current MMJ patient pool in the nation’s second-largest state is roughly 500, according to the Austin Business Journal.

The bill would also set up a new MMJ oversight board to consider new formulations and dosages for MMJ, possibly opening the door to Texas patients being able to access higher THC limits without additional legislation.

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15 comments on “Texas mulls a broadened limited medical marijuana program
  1. Ismael Garcia on

    I know some war vets who need this badly, as well as elders who need it just as bad. Being someone who now gets migrains after an accident I had in 07, I use Mj to subside the pain of my arthritis and when I feel the migrain coming. Please pass this bill for those who really need it.


      I have MANY illnesses that this could help me with!!! PLEASE PLEASE Pass this it would help me so much and cut down on my opioid intake !!!

  2. Courtney Roberts on

    I was in a car wreck in 2016 and did not receive appropriate Medical Care. The pain is often excruciating and I received a marijuana charge and I was given probation. And yes I failed a required drug test, testing positive for marijuana. I’m not ashamed, I think it is wrong to take a way a substance not known for physical addiction and to encourage an opiate addiction. Especially when there is an opioid epidemic in this country. I know nonviolent drug offenders are big money in Texas but that doesn’t make it right. LEGALIZE!

  3. Dennis Arlan on

    Why is alcohol legal..and cigarettes that kill hundreds of thousands every year..and yet cannabis is looked at like the boogieman.Legalize for personal use.. responsibly.My dad died of Parkinson’s..this would have helped!So sad-our legislators are out of touch with 70% of their votors.

    • Vondalyn Hall on

      omg. you asked the right questions. this is the only thing that is naturally produced yet it gets the worst rap. It is the only thing that has many benefits. you don’t hear about people using weed getting into car accidents after coming from a bar. if anything they driving to slow (being funny, yet not making light of anything) when used correctly and not adding any additional components.

  4. Carie W on

    You all need to get Tx like WA! Many patients are losing out, they also need THC! I couldn’t live in TX due to no thx. CBD isn’t enough for epilepsy even. Where’s the research on THC?

  5. Nicole Kravchuck on

    I think they should pass this every where… What is Texas the only place they haven’t passed it yet…. I’m from Boston Mass and I thank God for my mmj card. It’s easy to get it over here if u have 250.00. u good. The mmj card pays for itself the first month with all the free stuff u get for bring a new client. Just saying

  6. Wade Konecny on

    All I get out of this is to ban together to vote Dan Patrick out of office He is the road block. God bless our vets .

  7. sabina neal on

    We the people must be considered too stupid or reckless to decide what we would do with this miraculous plant so we elect these Smart Proper people to protect ourselves from ourselves.
    They are ignorant and arrogant. Since our government has lied to us about this plant for 70 years or so, what makes anyone think we consider our representatives a source of knowledge?

  8. Christopher Elizondo on

    Honestly i hope it gets legalized all the way medically , having a motorcycle accident back in 2016 really did a damage on me and some times i think about suicide because of the chronic pain and nerve damage is just unbearable at moments especially sitting down, a very simple task just gives me thoughts of suicide cause chronic pain. I visited california to see my brother last year and the medical products are a magical wonder to chronic pain and other major medical conditions, ended up getting my medical license there but cost of living had me come back to texas and now my chronic pain is unbearable again and it just gives me thoughts…. Hope to see medical cannabis in Texas soon with no limitations on medical conditions. I only pray for medical to pass not recreational.

  9. Ronnie on

    I have crippling arthritis in my spine, and lower back. The recreation helps with that great, but does nothing for my ankle. I had surgery 24-years, but told I would be back when pain is back for a fusion surgery for ankle. Well I want to try the medical first to alleviate the pain. I like dancing to much. 70-yrs. old white male, retired at 58, commercial gen. Contractor

  10. Dizzy on

    Please look at the revenue that Colorado received the first year after passing their medical marijuana bill,after they reach a limit of revenue that was in their bill anything above that limit goes to their school’s ( kid’s that can’t afford breakfast,lunch or after school care are given an opportunity to receive help) as well as their D.O.T. are being supplemented(y’all can’t argue Texas could use help in that area..
    I have a closed head injury along with PTSD and my neurosurgeon and neuropsychologist have told me for years if they ever pass a medical marijuana Bill the first thing that they would do is…
    ” take me off the sedatives and opiates for pain because the chemicals in both of those Pharmaceuticals I have to take are slowly killing me along with my closed head injury and my PTSD..
    Please Texas do the research and help the school’s,roads & Veterans that would benefit from medical marijuana…
    Because the truth is I’m tired of hearing “we support our troops” & or “Thank you for your service”
    If y’all “Really” mean what you say prove it to us & help us….

  11. Rebecca W on

    All arthritis especially Osteoarthritis of the spine should be added to the bill because 10 years dealing with it has been hard cause it’s debilitating pain & it causes spinal stenosis which is the narrowing of the spine that affects your back, hips, sciatica, knees & pelvis plus it disrupts your sleep, causes depression. All prescription meds & shots stops working for me over time & really don’t ease the pain or muscle spasms like marijuana does. There were days I’d step wrong & shooting pain in my back down to my feet would make me double over, luckily one day I had a stool behind me when I turned around & pain hit me knocking me to the floor on that stool. My children were scared to see me in that state.

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