Thanks to mayor, Alaska city OKs up to 25 retail marijuana stores

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The number of retail cannabis shops in Fairbanks, Alaska, has been set at 25.

After the City Council deadlocked 3-3 on whether to allow 15 or 25 stores, Fairbanks Mayor Jim Matherly was called in to break the tie, the Daily News-Miner reported.

He voted to set the limit at 25, opting to give all entrepreneurs who have initiated retail license reviews with the state an opportunity to appear before the Fairbanks City Council.

A limit of 15 likely would have barred some applicants for cannabis business licenses from opening. As many as 19 businesses are seeking the licenses in Alaska’s second-largest city.

“It accommodates every person in the hopper,” Matherly said.

The ordinance, which was heavily amended, bans onsite cannabis consumption and gives Fairbanks different buffer zones than those set by the state and borough.

Retail marijuana shops must be 750 feet from a variety of residential zoning areas, schools and drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers.

Language was also added to the ordinance that requires marijuana cultivation facilities to install Fairbanks Building Department-approved air-filtration systems and gives the agency authority to investigate odor complaints.

– Associated Press