The curious approach Attorney General Sessions and President Trump have taken toward cannabis

U.S. marijuana industry, The curious approach Attorney General Sessions and President Trump have taken toward cannabis

(This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the October issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.)

In November 2016, the U.S. marijuana industry was aflutter over both the election of President Donald Trump and his nearly immediate appointment of then-U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general.

Worries abounded among cannabis industry executives that Sessions would resurrect the war on drugs.

Many also speculated that raids on state-licensed MJ companies could lead to an extended legal battle with the federal government over states’ rights, perhaps even with the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately playing a role.

Of course, none of that has come to pass. In fact, it’s been nearly the opposite.

Instead of being involved in a federal crackdown, the U.S. cannabis industry has actually thrived.

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12 comments on “The curious approach Attorney General Sessions and President Trump have taken toward cannabis
  1. Scott on

    Obama was supposed to be the hero of cannabis industry turns out to be the opposite Trump was supposed to be the enemy of the cannabis industry turns out to be the opposite. Eyes wide open

    • David Schwartz on

      Obama opened the door to Marijuana research, which opened minds to the possibilities of cures to Cancer, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, and many more disorders. Obama was met with opposition and every turn by the Republican party. Only now, that marijuana has been researched and found to be truly what was a “miracle” plant, the Republicans want to take all the credit, and reap the benefits. That is the truth about Republicans. They are Fat and lazy, and make others work for them.

      • Uncle George on

        Word. I don’t know how anecdotal they are, but I’ve heard of two situations where local or state LEO’s partnered with DHS to confiscate weed & money, with the $ “forfeited# to DHS. Maine & N CA.

    • Travis on

      AGREE. Obama talked, and talked. Trump is a business man, sees opportuniites to help people, have each state decide how they want to proceed and receive taxes,etc.
      Since Obama did most of his “legacy” activities through issuing his Executive Orders, he could have done so if he really wanted to…..
      The issue is not the politically charged rhetoric that it used to be. Republicans will focus on Medical Cannabis, not recreational for obvious reasons…. MMJ actually helps people vs. stoners.

  2. um on

    Trump’s cool, despite what his opponents say. He was part of the NYC scene, he’s seen lol.. Conservatives are IN FAVOUR of allowing state/local governments to deal with most issues, the opposite of Washington bs, so this fits perfectly – let the people decide and take control. Unsure why everyone is so confused, the preference cascade has started so chill.

  3. Frank on

    I don’t feel that confident that Trump and Sessions want this to go forward. There are stories that the WH is trying to gather negative information on the effects of cannabis and suppress anything good. However, the collection of tax dollars could change this. The fact that they want to prohibit employees in the cannabis industry in Canada from entering the US makes no sense. I hope I am wrong on all of this.

  4. J.S. on

    I find it takes no time at all for the comments to degrade rapidly when attempting to discuss any MJ topics seriously.
    I have invested 6 figures in various MJ stocks and have yet to see a clear path
    ahead for MJ legalization at the federal level from either party to any meaningful
    extent. Reports of agency’s meeting and discussing ways to stifle legality, border
    agency talk of barring Canadians from entry just because they work at an MJ company or own stock in one, and denial of research licenses at additional universities, that’s the current government’s status, and the democrats talk the talk but never walk the walk as usual just to have the issue to use and abuse for eternity… where’s the bill to federally legalize by any democrat in congress? Seems to me the path ahead is always strewn with boulders and roadblocks by
    “someone” who stands to lose money or by ignorant unsubstantiated phobia, no
    matter what the reasoning, every day we wait to legalize we lose market share to
    other countries in the world to the tune of billions of dollars or more. Federal legalization will happen, it’s just such a shame to watch it’s slow lane pace and the opportunities being wasted due to archaic beliefs, self serving politics, and
    downright dirty tricks fostered by bureaucrats in somebody’s pocket. So in the end who cares who’s sitting on legalization, get organized and raise hell fellas!

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