There’s a new marijuana czar in Colorado

Dominique Mendiola is the new director of marijuana coordination in Colorado, Gov. John Hickenlooper announced.

She fills a position that was vacated in March, when Mark Bolton took a job as government affairs consultant for a Denver-based law firm.

Mendiola will be no stranger to many industry watchers in the state after having served as deputy director of the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) since 2014.

In that role, Mendiola helped MED work with marijuana businesses as well as with the state’s attorney general.

She’s regularly gone before Colorado’s General Assembly to present the division’s proposed positions and also was a consistent presence at MED’s rulemaking meetings, Denver alt-weekly Westword noted.

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4 comments on “There’s a new marijuana czar in Colorado
  1. pd on

    Stop adding rules to packaging. It’s friggin’ weed. Like MOST THINGS, if you light it on fire it has the potential for danger

    • James on

      Warnings on labels wouldn’t bother me,it the fact I can’t get anything in this politically corrupt, backswards, backwoods silly Natural STATE,.

  2. Martina Jaccarino on

    It is very important for CO, the leader in legal Cannabis acknowledge that the States Rights Movement was born in the age of slavery. It strengthened in the South’s opposition to integrating schools and opposing every aspect of the civil rights movement. The Pot Vote is not made up of those who traditionally advocate for ‘States Rigjts’. We are stronger than that. The FDA and the Treasury Dept have carefully created efficient means to banking and a path for growers and producers to sell their products wherever they want to. 300 sets of state and local regulations is not the path to financial freedom. Don’t give your vote away!

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