Tips for getting the most out of cannabis industry virtual events

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(This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the September issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.)

In the coronavirus era, both mainstream and cannabis companies have been forced to move planned in-person events to virtual platforms.

And in some cases – such as cannabis events centered on 4/20, the unofficial marijuana holiday – the pivot to virtual platforms had to be made extremely quickly.

Cannabis businesses including Marijuana Business Daily have pivoted to virtual platforms for events ranging from trade conferences and product launches to consumer and client education as well as staff training.

So, to ensure during pandemic times that marijuana entrepreneurs can continue to meet up to share ideas, conduct business and engage with consumers and clients, the industry has turned to Zoom, Instagram and conference-specific virtual platforms.

Most marijuana businesses that have hosted virtual events have had good experiences, but, not surprisingly, there also have been challenges.

Joe Hodas, chief marketing officer for Colorado-based infused products manufacturer Wana Brands, has been part of many virtual events as an attendee and a panelist.

“There is a distraction issue,” Hodas told Marijuana Business Magazine. “The challenge is you’re on your desktop and you catch up on emails.”

Regardless of the drawbacks, virtual events are here to stay for the near future.

So Marijuana Business Magazine spoke with three cannabis-related companies to get takeaways from virtual events they’ve hosted. Click on the links below to learn the positives and negatives these companies encountered: