Cresco CEO strategy, Tricks of the trade: Cresco’s CEO on creating a major multistate marijuana business

The success of Cresco Labs in the U.S. marijuana market can partly be attributed to its leadership’s experience in navigating complex industry regulations.

“Myself and our other co-founders came to cannabis from a banking background and, really, mortgage banking in particular,” said CEO Charlie Bachtell in the latest MJBizDaily Investor Intelligence Executive Webcast.

“So, we’ve been a part of an industry before that went from relatively unregulated to hyper-regulated in a very short period of time.”


The team brought that skill set with them into cannabis, which has allowed them to build one of the largest multistate operators in the United States, with more than 550 employees across nine states.

Cresco also has plans to keep expanding the company’s footprint: Current targets include Florida, New Jersey, Virginia and Connecticut, according to Bachtell.

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