Trulieve Cannabis facing possible class action suit over terminated employees

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Employees laid off by multistate operator Trulieve Cannabis filed a possible class action lawsuit alleging the Florida-based company didn’t give appropriate notice before letting them go.

According to The News Service of Florida, Trulieve laid off “an unspecified number of workers over the past few weeks” at its cultivation facilities in Midway, Monticello and Quincy.

The suit – filed by attorney Tiffany Cruz on behalf of Ranjill O’Neil, who worked in Quincy, and other workers – alleges the employees weren’t given at least 60 days of notice before they were terminated, as required by federal law.

Trulieve attorney Glenn Burhans Jr. told The News Service of Florida that the company acted in compliance with state and federal laws.

“Where possible, Trulieve offered impacted employees new positions at the same site or at other sites in the area,” he said in a statement sent to MJBizDaily.

“Where transfers were not feasible or accepted, employees were offered severance packages.”

Trulieve said in a statement to The News Service of Florida that the layoffs came from “consolidating redundant positions.”

The company did not share how many jobs were affected or where the redundancies came from.

Trulieve has been dealing with a difficult situation involving the January death of a worker in Holyoke, Massachusetts.