Tumblr to allow marijuana businesses to advertise in CA, CO

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(This story has been corrected to reflect that Tumblr is allowing CBD businesses to advertise nationwide.)

Social media company Tumblr is throwing open its doors for marijuana companies to advertise products on its platform – but only in California and Colorado for now – and for CBD businesses to do so nationwide.

Though not nearly as popular or widely used as counterparts Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Tumblr, launched in 2007, has a sizable following among Gen Zers, according to a company news release issued Wednesday.

Tumblr’s decision could provide some companies with viable alternatives to larger social media platforms, which have been regularly shutting down marijuana business accounts for years because of the federal illegality of cannabis.

“Tumblr is working hand-in-hand with these brands … to find interesting ways to amplify themselves on the site,” according to the Tumblr release, citing a partnership with Canadian-based cannabis media website Civilized, which has an ad page on the platform.

According to Tumblr’s updated cannabis advertising policy, all such content must:

  • Be approved in advance by Tumblr.
  • Be sold through the company’s direct-sales team and not an intermediary.
  • Be geo-targeted exclusively to consumers 21 and older in California and Colorado.
  • Not be designed to appeal to kids.

Tumblr’s other rules for cannabis advertising include:

  • A strict ban on product giveaways.
  • Continued prohibition on any ads that are tobacco-related.
  • Bans on ads that encourage “unsafe or irresponsible use of cannabis,” such as smoking and driving.
  • Health and wellness claims are strictly forbidden.
  • Ads that show anyone under the influence of marijuana.