Two More Lawsuits Filed Over Illinois Cultivation Licenses

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It’s going to take a while for the legal situation to clear up in Illinois.

Two more lawsuits have been filed in Illinois over the state’s medical marijuana program as would-be MMJ companies that failed to win permits to operate take action against those rivals and the Agriculture Department.

Madison County Labs, which didn’t win a license to grow cannabis in the state, has sued Progressive Treatment Solutions, an East St. Louis company that was awarded a permit, claiming the latter didn’t properly secure zoning approval prior to being issued a license.

Medponics Illinois has sued the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Bedford Grow, a Chicago company that won a cultivation license.

Including the recent legal action by the two companies, four lawsuits have been filed since the state of Illinois awarded licenses to 21 companies in early February. One company, Cresco Labs, can’t begin operations after a judge issued a temporary restraining order while a suit brought by PM Rx, another company that didn’t win a license, works its way through the courts.