US prosecutor: Oregon has big marijuana overproduction problem

Oregon’s top federal prosecutor said the state has a “formidable” problem with marijuana overproduction that winds up on the black market – and he wants to work with state and local leaders and the marijuana industry to do something about it.

U.S. Attorney Billy Williams convened an unprecedented summit of influential federal law enforcement representatives, state officials and marijuana industry scions after Attorney General Jeff Sessions withdrew an Obama administration memo that had guided states with legalized marijuana on how to avoid federal scrutiny.

The meeting included representatives from 14 other U.S. attorney’s offices, the FBI, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Nine U.S. attorneys attended in person, including those from California, Washington state, Colorado, Idaho and Nevada.

Williams also sought to calm fears among cannabis growers but said the market has a problem that must be addressed.

Everyone needs a “bottom-line answer” on how much excess marijuana is being produced and how much is being smuggled out to other states where it remains illegal, he said.

Advocates dismiss the idea that legalization has caused a spike in black-market sales. It’s just that now, because marijuana is legal, it’s much easier to track it back, they said.

Oregon did not cap the number of recreational cannabis producers, virtually guaranteeing an overproduction problem, said Seth Crawford, a former Oregon State University professor who’s an expert on marijuana economics and cannabis policy.

Crawford estimated Oregon growers produce up to three times the amount of marijuana that the state can absorb legally each year.

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8 comments on “US prosecutor: Oregon has big marijuana overproduction problem
    • Brainman on

      Already were saying $500 per pound, and when you consider it cost about $200 per pound to prepare the finished product for market, there’s not a lot of room for profit.

  1. Jerry Cook on

    Work to send it to California and anywhere else that is short and needs it.

    Nation wide industry balance should be in place.

    Get the Cory Booker bill up and passed in Congress, the plant off the Fed CSA, and the Fed and Sessions out of the way.

  2. Pat on

    The federal govt. needs to decriminalize it. Period. And get on with much more important concerns that need to be solved. What an enormous waste of taxpayers money/resources. It’s 2018, and this is still going on. This move alone could erase the fed ( and some state ) deficit(s). Unbelievable that this country still gets caught up with this. And, there are apparently many govt. employees willing to get paid for doing this kind of sh*t work and calling it a “career.” What should that be telling us? Our priorities are increasingly screwed up and not enough seem to give a crap.

  3. John Perricone on

    This is what happens when people (legislators and regulators and politicians) who do not know the industry put out a game plan that issues 4 times as many cultivator licenses as distribution licenses. This was utterly predictable.

  4. Thomas Paine on

    Tallyup Bigpharma’s share holding in all this madness, the cancer machine employees so many people and poor bigpharm is going to take a bath when they cant sell their TOXIC chemo and pain pills. Chemo destroys people’s brain, mary j heals it – congress left idiot status a long time ago and pass into sadistic. I will tell you now, they better free mary now, or you’re going to see a massive implosion on the federal government. GO AHEAD SHUT THE FED DOWNs. If they come to try and take my plants they can take them from my dead body. People read Common Sense and ARM yourself NOW, and for God’s sake if you work for the enity that is waging war on its on people, QUIT and get another job, because you might not come home, and over what? a healing plant? OMG STUPID!

  5. Thomas Paine on

    People, its never been a time to act out all of your Han Solo fantasies. Turn the inside of dash into the millennium falcon, drive to nearest free state, load up the falcon with Spice and haul it back to the nanny state, sell it, use it, prosper. “All real Americans love the sting of battle.” – Gen Patton

    People honestly, I am ashamed to be a part of this history which we be looked at in the future as the biggest folly of man, the international war which was perpetrated on it’s on citizens by its citizens, ARMED governments seizing private property, pitting OUR brothers against one another! Prohibition is the bomb that is going to blow this planet apart, and the fuse was lit a long time ago.

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