Under legal pressure, Seattle MJ retailer changes name

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Facing a lawsuit from an Oregon tea company, a Seattle cannabis retailer has decided discretion is the better part of valor and announced it is changing its name to avoid legal entanglements.

The company, formerly known as Stash Pot Shop, said in a news release Tuesday it was threatened with legal action by Portland-based Stash Tea Co. The tea company is protective of its trademarked name and has sued other marijuana-related businesses, including Oregon-based Stash Cannabis Company, according to the release.

The Seattle shop has changed its name to Lux Pot Shop.

Trademarks are becoming an increasingly hot legal topic in the cannabis industry. Rapper Snoop Dogg last year faced a similar quandary when he faced legal action the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team because his line of marijuana products is named “Leafs by Snoop.”