Unlicensed WA dispensary raided following July 1 deadline

Local law enforcement raided a Washington State medical cannabis dispensary after it continued serving customers and ignored a July 1 state deadline to obtain an official business permit.

The dispensary, Green Organics, is located in the Tacoma suburb of Parkland, near the Pierce County sheriff’s department.

“It is amazing that these people thought that they could flaunt the law right in front of our precinct. Now they know better,” a sheriff’s office spokesman told the News Tribune.

Green Organics could be the first of many such raids to come, given that local officials in Pierce County alone estimated earlier in the year that about 60 dispensaries operated in the county. Also, plenty of dispensary owners elsewhere may be ignoring the state licensing requirement and serving customers.

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6 comments on “Unlicensed WA dispensary raided following July 1 deadline
  1. Master Kush on

    Sounds like Free Enterprise! The Tax Cops are the Thugs and Collection Tools of the Establishment. Maybe these dispensaries can’t get licenses due to the number allocated. What is stopping them?

    • Seth Tyrssen on

      A good question indeed, Master Kush. My own response was WTF??? Now, I’m all in favor of keeping greedy corporatism to a minimum in this “business,” because we’re dealing with Sacred Herb, here, not corn or soybeans. But knowing that deadline was staring ’em in the face, why not either a) comply, or b) go underground?

    • Matt on

      Yes but the state government gets to decide how many there are…especially seeing as they’re really just protecting federally illegal business.

      I love the anti-capitalists who then rant about things that are anti-capitalism being terrible.

  2. Laura on

    The State of WA is stupid there was already established stores instead of licensing them and collecting the taxes no they shut them down the NEW 502 stores only 200 in the whole state are dealing in Medical Marijuana and that now is all growing by corporate $$ not loving farmers. Way to go Washington must be proud of yourselves Black market here we all come. One thing { Where do I get my Clones now to grow my 4-15 plants??????} Right BLACK MARKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hastings RH on

    Don’t they have some terrorist to go after or something? If they pay tax they should be able to stay open -eff the greedy bastard oligopoly anti free market paradigms these so called legal states have that screw consumers aka the 99%. Sorry I was dumb enough to support the corporate crooks over at MPP and Norml

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