Uruguay Presidential Candidate Would Scale Back Legal Marijuana

The first country in the world to fully legalize the sale and possession of recreational cannabis may take a huge step backwards if a presidential candidate has his way.

National Party candidate Luis Lacalle Pou said publicly that he will attempt to repeal many parts of the law if he is elected, according to a report.

“I will keep the law’s articles that allow users to grow their own cannabis at home and authorize smoking clubs and repeal the rest, in particular the state’s commercialization of the drug,” Pou told Reuters.

Pou is trying to capitalize on opposition to cannabis in the days leading up to the election, hoping it will help propel his campaign to victory.

, Uruguay Presidential Candidate Would Scale Back Legal Marijuana

Uruguay approved legal marijuana sales last December, but the move remains controversial among the public and lawmakers. The county does not yet have its marijuana program fully up and running.

Uruguay’s presidential election is Sunday. Pou has been leading other opposition candidates but is behind leftist Tabare Vazquez in the polls. Vazquez supports the law.