US attorneys in two East Coast states differ on Sessions’ anti-marijuana stance

The top federal prosecutor in Massachusetts refuses to rule out a crackdown on legal marijuana businesses in the state after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo last week.

According to The Boston Globe, the U.S. attorney for Massachusetts, Andrew E. Lelling, said he cannot “provide assurances that certain categories of participants in the state-level marijuana trade will be immune from federal prosecution.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. attorney in Delaware, David C. Weiss, said taking action against his state’s medical marijuana industry is “certainly not a priority,” The News-Journal reported.

Delaware currently has two operational MMJ dispensaries and two more in the works.

The statement by Massachusetts’ U.S. attorney follows a declaration by Gov. Charlie Baker that the state plans to push ahead with its impending recreational cannabis program, despite Sessions’ action.

Like Delaware, Massachusetts has an operational MMJ program.

It’s worth noting that the Obama-era guidelines revoked by Sessions don’t change anything for MMJ businesses. They currently are operating under the protections of the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment.

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2 comments on “US attorneys in two East Coast states differ on Sessions’ anti-marijuana stance
  1. Randy Terrazas on

    Jeff Sessions position sounds much like a replay of what happen to Marijuana back in 1937 when the then head of the newly formed Federal Bureau of Narcotics, Harry Anaslinger, needed a platform to advance his political career. He lied to congress about what Doctors actually knew and felt about this ” Drug”.
    Now again we find ourselves at the whim of some political heavy hitter to try and subdue the acquittal of an unjustified and “proven” innocent incarceration of this awesome herb with all its magical cannabinoids powers.
    All this is being done in spite of being approved by a majority of the people.
    Shame on Jess Sessions for ignoring his sworn oat and shame on us if we allow our voice to be stamped out.

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