US senators urge Justice Department to quit blocking marijuana research

One of the ways U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is standing in the way of cannabis industry progress is by stalling marijuana-related research permits through the Drug Enforcement Administration, and two U.S. senators are tired of it.

Republican Orrin Hatch, of Utah, and Democrat Kamala Harris, of California, sent Sessions a letter this week imploring the attorney general to end the obstructionism on “more than two dozen requests to grow marijuana for use in research,” The Hill reported.

“Research on marijuana is necessary for evidence-based decisionmaking, and expanded research has been called for by President Trump’s Surgeon General, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the FDA, the CDC, the National Highway Safety Administration, the National Institute of Health, the National Cancer Institute, the National Academies of Sciences, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse,” the senators wrote to Sessions.

They further asked for a commitment from Sessions that the DEA would address all outstanding research permit requests by Aug. 11.

At least 25 requests have been submitted to the DEA for research permits, The Hill reported.

But the only federally approved research facility remains the University of Mississippi, which was found last year to be producing marijuana ridden with mold.

The DEA promised in August 2016 to begin issuing more marijuana-related research permits.

But then Donald Trump won the White House and Sessions took over the Department of Justice.

Since then, no research permits have materialized, despite ongoing complaints about the inaction from stakeholders.

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3 comments on “US senators urge Justice Department to quit blocking marijuana research
  1. Richard Gilbert on

    We need the government to reclassify marijuana obviously, the fact that it has so many medical benefits, treats millions of patients, and is recognized as a medicine by 70 percent of physicians or more will tell the story. Politicians are not doctors and nurses. The issues that concern cannabis should be left to healthcare professional s who are familiar with the applications of cannabis. Keeping patients who are prescribed cannabis from being able to use their medicine without reprocussion is just not right. Cannabis is a medicine and should be recognized as such by the federal government. The time has come for the truth to be known about marijuana and it’s great medical application’s. Open the door to the cure and deschedule cannabis.

  2. Jim Grayson on

    President Trump is paving the way for states rights on Marijuana. He’s also supposed to be about to fire Sessions. I surely hope so. What a heartless man!
    “Good people don’t smoke marijuana…”

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