Utah aims to hire cannabis czar to oversee MMJ, hemp and CBD

Utah state regulators are advertising for a program manager to oversee the newly formed medical cannabis market in the state, industrialized hemp and CBD regulations.

The cannabis program manager job would be based in Salt Lake County, and regulators will be looking for candidates with experience in agriculture, pharmaceuticals or natural resources.

More details on the cannabis program manager position can be found here.

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One comment on “Utah aims to hire cannabis czar to oversee MMJ, hemp and CBD
  1. john ward on

    I formally nominate Lori Ajax. Although your industrialized hemp and CBD regulations will be dissembled and shut down because Ms. Ajax’s unlike other Cannabis leaders/regulators won’t fight for the industry.
    California’s prop 64’s landslide legalization of all types of Cannabis was derailed by her lack of do process and complete lack of implementing the public initiative as it was written.
    Be careful Utah, Stay away from the Alcohol industries offers to help.

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