Utah drops residency restriction for medical cannabis growers

Utah regulators eliminated a proposed residency requirement for the 10 medical marijuana cultivation licenses the state is set to award in late July, which could result in possible out-of-state ownership.

The announcement came in a bulletin dated July 15, although the proposed rule change itself was filed June 30, according to documents.

A spokesman for Utah’s agriculture department told The Salt Lake Tribune the state decided a residency requirement could be illegal.

It’s unclear how the change could impact the initial licensing round.

State regulators recently announced a delay in awarding grower licenses.

Jack Wilbur, spokesman for the state agricultural department, told the Tribune that out of the 81 applicants, eight had reported out-of-state addresses.

But he noted that some of the other 73 could include out-of-state interests with a Utah address or local partner.

Wilbur said applicants displaying “positive connections to a local community” will receive credit, but it is unclear how much.

Local farmers have reported they hoped cannabis grower licenses would go to in-state businesses.

Medical cannabis sales in Utah are expected to start sometime next year.

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2 comments on “Utah drops residency restriction for medical cannabis growers
  1. John on

    I live in Utard unfortunately for now , My wife has epilepsy and the Dr’s here are pissed off that she smokes bud instead of her medication .she hasn’t had a seizure in over a year. The meds that the neurologist prescribed her on the label stats it causes seizures .She went in for blood work this they found thc in her system .And now they put her in drugs counciling for the rest of the week they won’t even let her come home till Saturday. As soon as I get enough money to move we are out of her ,and I will never come back. Way to go Utah.

    • Bryce Helbling on

      That’s unlawful! Go get your wife out of that facility they have no legal rights to hold her against her wil and not let her go! Save her! What is this facility?

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