Utah governor moves to scrap state-run medical marijuana system

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert is calling a special legislative session to scratch an unusual plan for a state-run medical cannabis dispensary system.

Instead, he wants to expand the number of private dispensaries from seven to as many as 12.

While the measure, if it passes, would open up additional business opportunities, its primary purpose is to alleviate concerns that public employees would run the risk of being prosecuted under federal drug laws.

Herbert, a Republican, said in a statement he wants to make sure the state’s MMJ program rolls out on time in March 2020 and added that removing the state-run piece also would make the program more efficient.

The special session will be Sept. 16.

The law had called for distributing MMJ products through seven private dispensaries and the rest through a state-run, “central fill pharmacy.”

Advocates have cheered the move away from a state-run entity, but some worry Utah will need more than 12 private dispensaries to meet demand.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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5 comments on “Utah governor moves to scrap state-run medical marijuana system
  1. Barry2thewind on

    Hoping to still hit that deadline? Pretty sure that isn’t going to happen. Utah still hired MJ Freeway/ Akerna to run their state’s centralized system… so maybe by 2022 and it will be a total dumpster fire and everyone will lose money, even the state (relative to using any other tracking system or even none at all). Hahaha. But seriously, good on them for removing the government run locations, but it won’t be enough locations. Starting in the single digits is a joke.

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