Vancouver Island marijuana grower issues recall

A licensed producer of medical cannabis in British Columbia has recalled 28 kilograms of dried marijuana it produced a year ago after an unauthorized pesticide was found in one of its samples, making it the seventh LP to recall MMJ this year.

Broken Coast Cannabis, of Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, issued the voluntary recall for three lots of dried marijuana that were produced between June and July 2016.

It’s a Type III recall, meaning affected products are unlikely to cause adverse health consequences. Health Canada said it hasn’t received any reports of adverse reactions.

Following Health Canada’s initial inspection at the Broken Coast Cannabis site in March 2017, a test result for a cannabis oil sample showed the presence of two pesticides that are not authorized for use on cannabis — myclobutanil and spinosad.

Broken Coast Cannabis said it hasn’t used the pesticide and is investigating how it ended up in the batch now being recalled.

Amid calls for stricter product testing standards, Health Canada started unannounced inspections at licensed cannabis cultivators in February to ensure that only registered pesticides are used.

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One comment on “Vancouver Island marijuana grower issues recall
  1. James Lun on

    Wow, yet another typical, myopic and nescient response from [un]-Health Canada, “unlikely to cause adverse health consequences.” – unlikely, being the imperative word since they have no idea to what to claim – it’s never been tested on humans for use through combustion or heat and inhalation.

    They have no clue; yet they just allow what the industry tells them to allow or they just let things slide.

    It’s clear, all these “approved” sprays are deadly and harmful, they’re unnatural to be smoked or vaporized. They’re mostly intended to be used on fruits and vegetables, to be washed…

    …but who washed their bud under water?

    The ingredients and all:

    Health Canada should be removed from having anything to do with Cannabis.

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