Vegas Dispensary Reopens After Running Out of Inventory

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Euphoria Wellness, the first medical cannabis dispensary in the tourist hub of Las Vegas, was forced to shut down last Wednesday after it ran out of product to sell to customers.

But it reopened on Tuesday after finding a new supplier, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The problem arose partially because of demand – the shop sold to nearly 2,000 patients between when it opened in late August and mid last week. Additionally, a high ratio of Euphoria’s inventory failed strict state-mandated safety tests. Nevada has what equates to a “zero-tolerance rule” when it comes to pesticides and other contaminants, the paper reported.

One local lab director told the Review-Journal that about a third of the samples sent to her operation failed to pass safety requirements, and those batches were forced to be destroyed, setting back dispensaries such as Euphoria.

Much of the reason for the failures, the paper reported, was because the dispensaries were relying on home grow supply instead of professionally grown cannabis.

That problem is expected to lessen as more licensed MMJ growers begin harvesting their first crops. In Clark County, which is home to Las Vegas, there are seven cultivators currently operating.