Vermont to expand medical cannabis program 

Vermont lawmakers have approved a modest expansion to the state’s medical marijuana program, permitting dispensaries to open more locations and expanding the list of medical conditions treatable with MMJ.

The House gave the bill preliminary approval on a voice vote Monday. The Senate has already approved the bill.

Vermont has four licensed nonprofit dispensaries. The approved measure would allow each existing dispensary to open two more locations.

People suffering from Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and post-traumatic stress disorder would also be able to access medical cannabis under the measure, a move that could broaden Vermont’s patient count and boost MMJ sales.

In addition, the legislation would permit patients to both grow MMJ and purchase it from a dispensary.

In a previous version of the bill, patients had to choose between growing it themselves or buying it from a dispensary.

– Associated Press

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3 comments on “Vermont to expand medical cannabis program 
    • Marc Hamill on

      It’s time for the States and the Federal Government to realize the benefits of medicinal marijuana, as well as to move forward in helping these people. There are advantages of giving this a chance, especially with all of the health care/health insurance changes.

  1. Leslie on

    Sounds like they are keeping it controlled by only letting existing dispensarys supply the MMJ.
    This country was built by Americans who believed in free trade and enterprise.
    The Governor refuses to sign the bill until next year, looks more like the will of the Governor, not the will of the people.
    The good thing about politicians is they can be voted out! Think about it, how many medical Marijuana patients will not be around next year when the Good Governor is ready to think about signing the bill that the house got approved today.
    What happend to working for the people, all the people not just the few who will get rich form owning multiple Dispensays…….

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