Veteran marijuana advocate Steve Fox leaves NCIA to join upstart MJ trade group

Longtime marijuana advocate Steve Fox has left the National Cannabis Industry Association, which he co-founded, to join the upstart Cannabis Trade Federation to promote federal MJ reform.

“It is a larger lobbying team at CTF with a lot of reach into a lot of different offices,” Fox told Marijuana Business Daily.

“And, from the perspective of someone who’s been trying to change federal laws actively since 2002, the opportunity to work with so many people to try to end this battle was too good … to turn down.”

CTF recently announced it was hiring 15 Washington DC-based lobbyists to work on passing the STATES (Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States) Act, which would exempt cannabis businesses operating in accordance with state law from the federal Controlled Substances Act.

“We’re putting a full-court press on to try to get that passed during this session,” Fox said.

As a strategic adviser, Fox will be working as a consultant for CTF based in Washington DC.

CTF was formed in April 2018 through the merger of the New Federalism Fund and the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp.

Fox co-founded NCIA in 2010 and worked with the group for eight years. He took an expanded role eight months ago as a strategic adviser to NCIA’s DC efforts.

“This is isn’t any reflection of my feelings about NCIA as an organization or anything like that,” Fox said of his move to CTF. “I completely value my time that I spent with the organization.”

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4 comments on “Veteran marijuana advocate Steve Fox leaves NCIA to join upstart MJ trade group
  1. Nate Andrews on

    Does anyone else find it Ironic that a person who co-founded an organization to promote federal MJ reform is leaving said organization to join a new organization who’s mission is to…. wait for it…… promote federal MJ reform? Classy of him not to say anything on his way out the door, but hard not to wonder why a founding member now feels that a new lobbying organization is something the industry needs.

    • Rick on

      Nope, he’s getting access to more lobbyists and an organization with deeper reach, sounds like a well informed business decision to me.

      • nate andrews on

        I think you missed my point. It WAS a well informed business decision. The question is why was it necessary? The answer is that NCIA in an “Industry advocate” in name only now, really just concerned with collecting membership money and trying to monetize new markets via events to pay their ever-growing salaries & perks for themselves.

    • Ronnie Davis on

      It takes a Army! With his experience and background it sounds like a great move for him and every activist! As far as a new organization for DC… we need some powerful speakers, educated and experienced to influence DC about what should be our rights. He’s not the first founding member to move on. In corporate America it’s not always allowed/advised to speak about a move in position until the official move takes place. I can only imagine what is involved with a move when it involves political parties and DC lawmakers when you are a select few in position to do battle to overturn/overcome prohibition and all the taboos around legalization of marijuana. I’m going to choose to view this as a positive and support this new organization along with all organizations who stand for legalization and overturning prohibition on a federal level. Federal reform needs to happen and the public needs laws to be made the same as tobacco and alcohol industries. If your pro legalization & can’t be in DC yourself, then why not support those that make it their life mission to do just that!? I’m proud of and thankful every pro activist past and present that rally for our rights! Waving Green Flag!


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