Vireo gets nod to operate NY’s first medical cannabis delivery service

Regulators have given Vireo Health of New York the go-ahead to deliver medical marijuana to its patients, making it the first cannabis business in the state to get such approval.

Vireo’s delivery service comes in response to a new state regulation intended to boost New York’s struggling MMJ program by making the medicine more accessible to patients.

The company said in a press release it would be able to start deliveries within 90 days, though delivery pricing and other details will be announced later.

Vireo, one of five companies licensed to grow, produce and distribute medical cannabis in New York, said its delivery program – dubbed “from our greenhouse to your front door” – was designed by a team of security experts, pharmacists and physicians.

Because regulations prohibit licensed cannabis companies in New York from outsourcing services, every MMJ delivery will be handled by two Vireo employees, the company said. In addition, Vireo’s delivery vehicles will have safety devices such as GPS tracking.

New York officials approved medical marijuana deliveries in August, one of several measures taken in recent months to help a program that has struggled since launching a little more than a year ago. Through Jan. 9, 816 doctors and nurse practitioners were certified to recommend medical marijuana to the 12,247 patients registered in the state.

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3 comments on “Vireo gets nod to operate NY’s first medical cannabis delivery service
  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Thanks for the update. That’s a nice gesture on Vireo Health’s part, but many patients still complain about the ridiculous costs of the ‘legal’ products and the frustrating difficulties to access the Compassionate Care Act program. All 5 ‘legal’ growers are struggling for economic survival because of the harsh restrictions imposed by New York’s politicians (who still so arrogantly think they know more about female cannabis flowers than constituents). Also, please keep in mind that New York’s current patient count, listed above as “12,247,” does not accurately reveal the state market’s actual size. The New York State Dept. of Health does not publicly disclose how it arrives at such numbers. Critics claim health officials count all individuals who’ve qualified since 2014 to participate in the program, even patients who are already deceased.

  2. Bill on

    Keep in mind that the people who need the medical Marijuana are probably disabled to the point that they can no longer work. There for not contributing to the tax roles. These are lifetime politicians who are millionaires wallowing in their egos, looking for way to stuff their own pockets. They don’t even have the same lousy health care that you and I have. They have it for life, on the tax payers back. Why don’t they address the hieron epidemic that’s plaguing this state ( country) instead of the Marijuana industry ?

    • Lawrence Goodwin on

      New York state lawmakers are devoting enormous amounts of time to the heroin traffic “plaguing” so many communities. They have held numerous public forums on the topic and are planning legislation (yet, considering 102 years of abject drug-war failure, they may as well try to stop the sun from rising). To immediately reduce heroin’s popularity, the best law NYS lawmakers could pass is the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act. If people had legal access to the miraculous products derived from seedless, female cannabis flowers (and the flowers themselves), I guarantee a lot fewer individuals would spend money on heroin. Cannabis products are, in reality, anti-gateways.

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