WA Group Challenging New Medical Marijuana Law

A Washington State group is looking to challenge newly minted regulations that roll the state’s medical marijuana market into its heavily regulated recreational cannabis program.

The group hopes to gather enough signatures to get a referendum in front of voters that would unravel the new law. A spokesman for the proposal – dubbed Referendum 76 – said the regulations limit access for patients who use MMJ to treat various ailments.

The new law – which the governor signed April 27 – will essentially eliminate the state’s mostly unregulated medical marijuana industry and force existing MMJ businesses to get licenses under the recreational cannabis program or close down.

Washington State’s medical marijuana program has been self-regulated since its inception in 1998, and dispensaries have adopted their own standards, said Don Skakie, the spokesman for the referendum, according to KGMI News.

The group will need to get enough signatures to put the referendum on the ballot.

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19 comments on “WA Group Challenging New Medical Marijuana Law
  1. j on

    Whats the name of the group? And when/where will they be with their petition forms to sign? We should start an awareness campaign to get support and ensure they get the 123,186 signatures needed to get a referendum.

  2. Numb Nuts on

    sorry j, but this refer’endumb is a waste of time

    the needs of the few out way the needs of the many
    everyone needs to look past your small groups and be a little more forward thinking.

    get ready to get regulated. prep yourself to strict protocols and procedures. compliance is the only true way to success here folks.

  3. Hastings RH on

    It’ll pass -hopefully the American way of succeeding in spite of corrupt gov practices disguised as “heavy regulation” continues.

  4. Kirk Ludden on

    Fortunately there is an initiative filed before 5052 that will supersede it according to the state constitution. I-1372 would create a board made up of the state and the community with its own revenue to remain revenue neutral. Their mission is to provide the highest quality medicine at the lowest price possible for qualifying patients who need it the most.

    Grassroots volunteer moment since January 21st, it has been gaining momentum on social media just before the signing of 5052. The more people that read it, the more that get that this is something Olympia couldn’t do because of the paid lobbyists & special interests per deims. It has till July 2nd at 5pm to turn in 246,372 signatures from registered Washingtonians.

    Petition files & final text are on the website ( & Facebook groups: Initiative 1372—PASS THIS! (Public group). (Closed groups) Cannabis Patient Protection & Yes On Initiative Measure No. 1372.

  5. Prohibit Rec! on

    I’d sign a petition to eliminate the Rec Cannabis industry altogether, after seeing what its done to the patients.

    Politicians have proven themselves incompetent and insincere to the needs of the patient.

    Rec cannabis operators have proven themselves to be socialist cronies, insisting that they be the only people authorized to hold the monopoly powers of the state in regards to cannabis, with no concern for the patient.

    Neither deserve the privileges they’ve been granted by the state.

  6. green man on

    wake up people, we don’t need more government regulation. !!!!, quality standards yes, Im a green card patient, I will buy black market before you put my name on any list, screw the government,and you can tax the waste coming out of my a——.

  7. Moirraine on

    This action is illegal.

    READ our STATE Constitution –


    SECTION 19

    BILL TO CONTAIN ONE SUBJECT. No bill shall embrace more than one subject, and that shall be expressed in the title.

    The recreation law can NOT have any force of law over a SEPARATE LAW that was NOT IN THE REC LAW’S TITLE TO ADDRESS.


    Our leaders have been told this is an illegal action and not ONE of them would answer an email, a twitter or a facebook posting on BREAKING OUR LAWS and HURTING SO MANY.

    Mom and Pop, generational businesses that have been here for years now are going to lose it all over the GREED and WILLFUL BLINDNESS of this STATE’S SUPPOSED LEADERS.

  8. Numb Nuts on

    Ya’ll are lazy farmers. you dont have to register unless you want to. instead of fight , take your energy and be more productive. ya’ll are hypocrites and only care about your own self interests. ya’ll are not thinking of the hundreds of thousands that need more help than your own self interest. wake up people and get to work. ya’ll have until 2016 to get your farm and paperwork in order. comply or get weeded out. in America only the strong will prevail.

    so god made a farmer

  9. 99 on

    Numb Nuts is right! Your precious “medicine” will now need to be tested for pesticides and a list of other necessary tests that were never done before. That and taxes need to be paid. What is the big deal? I am sure these Rec shops have ramps and Handicapped access. Instead of fighting the system, do something more productive!

  10. Canna Nana on

    Already signed! You should be able to go to your local dispensary or MMJ market to sign the petition. I’ve seen them at several dispensaries in the last two weeks. Please sign for patients all over Washington!

  11. Moirraine on

    Numb Nuts (that states much in a chosen name!) and 99 (sad that you chose an honorable moniker but aren’t):

    This is about affordability for the very poor who are also very ill.

    This is about the legality of abusing our STATE Constitution, which apparently you can ignore because YOUR life isn’t in danger from fraudulent medical practices and personnel.

    This is about all who are destroyed by laws that are meant to protect, not be abused.

    The Rec law has NO FORCE of LAW against the Cannabis COMPASSION law that has been “on the books” since 1998.

    Go back to school and TRY to learn four things:

    -How to read

    -Comprehension of what you are reading

    -COMPASSION for those who are ILL and who are ALSO POOR but who HAVE WORKED FOR DECADES

    -That our State Constitution DOES matter and the laws therein are NOT being enforced

  12. kendall on

    In response to “99”….whats the big deal? HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRICE COMPARISONS?. And if you have to be told by the government whats considered “good” quality then you are by definition a sheep. The government wants a bunch of non thinking worker bees…Is that you? Not me brother. Give me liberty or give me death…

  13. j on

    Hey Numb Nutz, nice play on words with “refer-endumb”, but that is about the only thing I’ll recognize you for.

    Here’s the deal, its not about lazy farmers or self interests. I am all for some form of regulation.

    The issue is not the testing protocols (as 99 stated) because what you may not know “99” is that as a medical farmer, I among many others already pay top dollar to get our “precious medicine” tested prior to approaching any dispensary because as consumers we too want to know what’s in our medicine.

    For you to mock those who truly benefit from medical cannabis like the children who suffer from pediatric epilepsy for example, makes you just as uneducated and ignorant as “Numb Nutz” over here and the politicians who are signing/passing these bills.

    I am all for SOME form of registry and can be “forward thinking” about the ways we can go about making this fair for all. Which would include our medical industry experts.

    What I cannot condone is these same “decision makers” forcing us to give in or get out with what they consider a one size fits all type of approach.

    The legislature has already taken SO much from the medical industry model, then they spun their webs and shaped their new law, keeping what they think is profitable and discarding the rest. It is so tightly regulated with regard going rec, that is damn near impossible to meet their criteria without some REAL capital. Medicine should not be this hard and expensive to come by!

    This is a topic that has been taboo for as long as I’ve been alive, and all the sudden our state sees the $$ and now it’s okay? But only by their standards? And we’re the hypocrites? It’s the epitome of organized crime!!

    NOW they can begin to accept it and all it’s implications, NOW they get a cut so screw all of the patients, medical farmers, dispensaries who have been fighting the good fight all along?!?

    Now we have to succumb to their rules and regs because they’re now seeing the damn light we’ve been shining in the public eye for over half of a century?!? I call b.s.

    Now a person who suffers from REAL illness, with a very limited budget due to their inability to work, will have to stand next to some knuckle head gawking at all of the cool colors like some kid in a candy store, while the anonymity for the REAL patient goes out the window?

    I dont know about you, but I dont want to be in line next to my banker, pharmacists, school teach, parishioner, etc. when I am buying my meds.

    By the way, thanks Kirk Ludden, green man, Moirraine and I-1372, Canna Nana and Kendall for your “productive” feedback.

    It’s what I was looking for and why I commented in the first damn place.

  14. Jesse on

    here is the deal regulation is coming whether you want it or not if the stat dose not step in and do something about out unregulated medical the feds will come in and take it away you make the call buck up and get ready to compete in a consumer market the time for main stream marijuana has come move with the times and we might be able to find a way to help the truly ill the issue is however the med dispensary owners are not as concerned as they claim about patients it is a bout money it will cost a lot of money to compete in the same market as the rec shops and most med shops are not super well funded so will not make the cut. people will lose their lively hoods I sympathize but some thing must be done or the feds will do something for us and that would not be cool.

  15. Moirraine on

    Medical malpractice is insanely common in Washington state – ask ANY Veteran.

    This state is now illegally run by those who can’t be bothered to KNOW THEIR OWN STATE CONSTITUTION OR ENFORCE ITS LAWS.

  16. Steven on

    I read that if you have over the amount by WA. law you COULD get up to 5 years. True? If this is not true what is the punishment?

  17. Don Skakie on

    To answer the relevant question Directly, the website is and you can download R76 signature sheets there. Sad that the sponsor of 1372 trolls here, knows about the R76 effort but ignores it to take interest off subject (R76) for his own agenda.

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