Waiting Game For Nevada Dispensaries

A Nevada law legalizing medical marijuana dispensaries goes into effect on April 1, but the state probably won’t see businesses open for months after that.

An official from the state’s health department told the Las Vegas Sun that it might take up to four months to accept, review and make final decisions on dispensary licenses once the process begins. The agency, which oversees the new industry, said it must still ramp up staffing for its MMJ program.

Many other states have experienced similar delays in setting up their MMJ programs, in some cases because of staffing and budget issues. So this doesn’t come as a surprise.

It’s of course important for states to take their time to conduct thorough audits of marijuana businesses – doing so helps the industry gain credibility within local markets and ensures that legitimate businesspeople gain entry. But it’s equally important to move forward at a reasonable pace and avoid unnecessary delays.