Washington state cannabis regulators will soon take up mandatory pesticide testing

Washington state regulators are discussing changes to the recreational marijuana program, including implementing mandatory pesticide testing in the near future.

The prospect of mandatory pesticide testing has been a cause for concern among smaller cultivation operations.

They worry that any added operational costs could eat away at already slim profit margins.

On the other hand, one retailer in the Seattle area has begun self-testing cannabis products for pesticides.

In an interview with The Spokesman-Review of Spokane, members of the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) discussed problems facing cultivators in an increasingly tough market as wholesale cannabis prices continue to fall.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • While Washington-grown cannabis is tested for microbials, it isn’t tested for pesticides. Rick Garza, the LCB’s director, said the board planned to consider mandatory pesticide testing soon. One sticking point: There’s a lack of data to gauge what are acceptable, safe levels of certain substances.
  • Growers are joining together in protest of air pollution regulations, saying the market is tough enough to make a profit without added regulations.
  • Regulators admitted that not allowing for vertical integration – meaning one business could hold a production, processing and/or retail license – was a program “fault.”

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3 comments on “Washington state cannabis regulators will soon take up mandatory pesticide testing
    • Eric on

      Yeah, I believe that limiting a market to vertical integration creates a much less appealing market for the consumer: Washington state has more variety of product offerings than any other cannabis market on the globe. In a non vertically integrated market the competitive nature of choice leads to higher quality and lower prices for the end user. In a vertically integrated paradigm the only “winner” is the shop owner – until his or her customers get tired of smoking on the same weed…

  1. Some one on

    As I understand it there is only one state certified lab in Washington that is testing. The amount of samples this one lab is going to receive is going to gridlock EVERY farms flow and is going to shut down EVERY small farm that is struggling to make it. Which is every small farm. Hope everyone in washington loves their grow op farm weed because theyre the only ones who will be able to test every single batch. This is clearly market manipulation through legislation on behalf of the corporate players at the top. Stupid system implemented by idiots

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