Washington state considering recreational marijuana home grows

In a move that could have a serious impact on Washington marijuana retailers, the department overseeing recreational marijuana in the state will consider allowing home cultivation for adult use.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) announced in a news release that it will hold a public hearing Oct. 4 to solicit public input on whether to allow residents to cultivate marijuana plants for personal use.

Of the eight states that have legalized recreational cannabis, Washington is the only one that prohibits personal cultivation – although home grows are allowed for registered medical marijuana patients.

The LCB is following direction from the state legislature, which approved a bill directing the agency to study options for legalizing adult-use home grows.

Specifically, the agency is looking for input on three options:

  • Tightly regulated home grows, including a required state permit and compliance with state inventory tracking systems.
  • Home grows overseen by municipal authorities instead of the state, but still requiring a permit.
  • Continued prohibition on home cultivation.

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6 comments on “Washington state considering recreational marijuana home grows
  1. ricketyrack on

    “ We know there are many perspectives to this issue and we want to ensure they are captured for our report and recommendations,” said agency director Rick Garza.

    Golly gee whiz, if that’s the case why don’t they ask for input on home grow without permits?

  2. Diane Armstrong on

    I don’t believe it will ever be an issue. There are just way to many people who don’t have the property to grow or the finances to pay the huge power bills. And there are still people out there growing. Always has been always will be. It hasn’t hit the profit margin yet.

  3. Paul Sorensen on

    While technically illegal, a state with legal rec. has home grows. I’m sure the police could care less. It’s just a complaint driven enforcement. Make home grows legal, period!

  4. Ron Ellington on

    The fact of the matter is everyone can already grow their own corn or tomatoes but this hasn’t stopped retailers from making money from the vegetable market. I really shouldn’t need to ask for the governments permission to grow a plant. EVER!

  5. Roland on

    If they want to require permits for homegrowers, they will be either swamped or (more likely) just ignored by homeowners. It will be difficult to enforce that kind of regulation, which should be a hint that maybe they shouldn’t do that. See the OR experience: 4 plants, self-policing.

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