Washington state forms compliance group to assist marijuana businesses

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Washington cannabis regulators developed a compliance task force to assist marijuana businesses in following the state’s laws.

“The goal of the Compliance Consultants is to help licensees understand and comply with state cannabis requirements, laws, and rules and to help licensees achieve and maintain compliance,” the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board wrote in a news release.

The team is designed to support and offer technical assistance to licensed marijuana growers,  processors, retailers, researchers and transporters.

The consultants are not enforcement officers and cannot issue administrative violations.

“The consultants have been assigned to geographic areas to provide for statewide coverage, facilitate consistency and help build strong working relationships,” the release notes.

The consultants will specifically help in several areas, including:

  • Conducting final inspection and briefings.
  • Setting up planned visits with marijuana licensees or annual inspections. The consultants will walk through a business and identify compliance gaps and make suggestions about how to correct the concerns.
  • Assisting in trainings for staff members.
  • Participating in industry association meetings.

More information and contact details for the consultants by region is available here.