Washington state’s MJ edibles labeling rules target child safety

All edible marijuana products sold in Washington state must now carry a warning on the label notifying consumers they are “not for kids.”

The state requirement, which took effect Tuesday for marijuana-infused foods and soft drinks, consists of a red hand, the written warning and the Washington Poison Center’s telephone number, The News Tribune of Tacoma reported.

Marijuana processors are required to incorporate the label on new packaging or to affix a sticker to existing packaging to differentiate cannabis edibles from regular candy bars, sweets and drinks. It also serves as a reminder to keep MJ products away from children, according to the newspaper. 

Washington’s new labeling policy comes after Colorado regulators last year implemented labeling rules requiring marijuana processors to use packaging designed to keep edibles away from children. The packaging also must spell out the single-serving THC content for adults.

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One comment on “Washington state’s MJ edibles labeling rules target child safety
  1. Kory Holderman on

    Child safety is paramount not only for the well being of all children, but the last thing the MJ industry needs is bad press from children ODing on THC infused Yummy bears. Child proof packaging is a no brainer!

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