‘Weed Wars’ Controversy: Woman Claims Discovery Channel Stole Her Idea for Show

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As if the reality TV show “Weed Wars” doesn’t touch on enough controversy, the series itself is now the center of a dispute as well.

A woman has filed a lawsuit against Discovery Communications in Los Angeles, claiming that the media company stole her idea for a show about a medical marijuana dispensary. Kylie Krabbe claims she pitched the idea to Discovery executives last year after winning a contest, even going so far as to offer up the suggested title of “Greener Pastures” and finding a dispensary owner in Santa Barbara to be the focus of the series.

The company, which operates The Discovery Channel, rejected the idea because it was “too edgy” and controversial, Krabbe said. However, several weeks ago The Discovery Channel started airing episodes of “Weed Wars,” which tracks the day-to-day happenings at Harborside Health Center, a dispensary in Oakland, Calif.

After rejecting her idea, Discovery began discussing the idea with producer Chuck Braverman, Krabbe claims.

“Not only is the general concept of ‘Weed Wars’ identical to plaintiff’s ‘Greener Pastures,’ but so are numerous concrete details regarding the plot, themes, characters and sequence of events,” the suit says.

Krabbe is seeking damages for breach-of-implied-contract as well as royalties. The Discovery Channel has not issued an official response, saying that it does not publicly discuss ongoing lawsuits.

“Weed Wars” attempts to show the inner-workings of a dispensary and provide a glimpse of the MMJ industry, focusing on the many challenges medical marijuana centers face.