Weedmaps Hires Veteran Lobbyist

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Weedmaps, the popular dispensary listings site, has hired a veteran Washington lobbyist to help shape state and local policies governing the cannabis industry, the Bond Buyer reported.

Dustin McDonald – California-based Weedmap’s new head of government relations – has until now been in charge of federal government relations for the Government Finance Officers Association, an industry group representing more than 18,000 public finance officials in the United States and Canada.

McDonald’s job there was to represent the group in Washington DC. He also kept tabs on federal legislation, regulations, judicial actions, and policies that affect public finance.

In his new position, McDonald will focus on shaping policies and regulations governing public safety, public health, and the marijuana industry’s financial health, the Bond Buyer reported.

“It’s kind of this concept of reforming state and local laws that is really taking off,” McDonald told the publication. “Weedmaps is very interested in continuing to work in those states [that have legalized marijuana recreationally] as well as … with states that are working to reform their laws to generate the best policy that organizes the regulated industry.”

Weedmaps also owns marijuana.com and cannabis.com, which provide news and information about the marijuana industry.