Anne Holland: No Babes-in-Bikinis … Just Medical Marijuana Business News

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“If I see any more breasts, my eyes will start crossing,” I announced to our COO yesterday.  I was surfing medical marijuana-related sites as part of our prep to launch this blog and the experience felt sort of like Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue overload.

It also amply illustrated why our new publications are needed.  Now at an estimated $1.7 billion in US annual sales (compared to Viagra’s $1.9 billion, and they sell in all 50 states, supported by heavy TV advertising), legal medical marijuana dispensaries are a serious business.  Unless you’re writing about beach tourism, swimwear, or maybe implants, Babe-in-Bikini snapshots don’t belong in business news.

What will we cover?  News that directly impacts the working lives of proprietors of medical marijuana dispensaries, and the suppliers and vendors who serve them.  Got some?  Contact our editor, Chris Walsh, at

Looking forward to serving you!

Anne Holland is Publisher of Medical Marijuana Business Daily. A 20-year B2B publishing veteran, her career has taken her into content areas including media, defense, aviation, and many more. She heads up Anne Holland Ventures Inc., a B2B publishing and professional education firm whose experts create content, events, and courses that help businesses grow.