West Virginia appears poised to legalize medical cannabis

West Virginia could soon become the latest state to approve a functioning medical marijuana industry.

Senate Bill 386, which already passed the state Senate in a lopsided vote, is slated for a possible floor vote in the House on Monday, according to MetroNews. The bill was fast-tracked in the House, the Herald-Dispatch reported, in a move to force members to vote on the issue instead of letting it expire when the legislature adjourns April 8.

The House leadership, however, gave the bill back to a legislative committee for the weekend, meaning some changes could be made to the measure before it heads to the floor. Any changes would require Senate approval.

In its current form, the bill would establish a permitting system for growers, dispensaries and product manufacturers, the Herald-Dispatch reported. It would also allow for limited home cultivation by patients.

Gov. Jim Justice has expressed his support for MMJ, while also making clear that he’s not on board with full adult-use legalization, MetroNews reported.

If the bill becomes law, the soonest the West Virginia industry could be up and running would likely be sometime in 2018.

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