West Virginia may allow smokable medical cannabis

West Virginia’s medical marijuana board will recommend that state lawmakers allow patients who meet certain requirements to buy smokable forms of the medicine, a move that could boost MMJ sales.

Such a move would also buck a trend in several other states that have also legalized MMJ but banned either the sale of marijuana flower or outright smoking of medical cannabis.

According to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, the board also plans to recommend:
  • That legislators increase or remove a cap on the number of growers, processors and dispensaries in the state.
  • Allow a company to serve more than one of those roles – meaning a grower could also be a processor.

The board did not approve any expansion to the list of conditions patients must be diagnosed with before doctors can recommend MMJ.

The law that made West Virginia the 30th MMJ state allows patients to start receiving medical marijuana ID cards in July 2019 but prohibits them from growing and smoking their own cannabis.

It also sets fees for companies to get involved and limits the number of growers and processors to 10 each and dispensaries to 30.

The state Health and Human Resources Department plans to release a full list of recommendations.

They will be presented to lawmakers within days, state health officer Dr. Rahul Gupta said.

– Associated Press

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2 comments on “West Virginia may allow smokable medical cannabis
  1. Brad Smith on

    Since I have to make this short, I have family in Aspen CO we’ve visited them 1 week out the year and I go to Denver to stay two of the days in a smoke friendly hotel. Medical patients has a 2.9% tax recreational 12.9% when you walk in they scan you id to make sure your not shop hopping your daily limit “which could be at several dispensary before reaching that” is 28grams if flower, 800mg of edibles, 8grams of concentrates. The law they have passed for us pills,tinitures,transdermal patches,lotions,the only thing I don’t understand is our vaping law. I have PTSD,anxiety,scoliosis,bulging disc L3-L5,pinched nerves in neck, arthritis all in back, a lot of muscle spams as well. My latest trip in January I bought one of everything WV is passing,none worked. The lotions did a little is compare it to a biofreee with a kick. Out of all the products flower “marijuana-smokeable form and concentrates are the only two things that helped. Edibles didn’t even help not even 10,000 edible. If your a medical patient a doctor can
    Prescribe example 2-4 pounds is a normal prescription that could be per day,per week,biweekly,monthly. Reason for that amount is due to people making there own concentrates and edibles.There has been ZERO OVERDOSES DO TO MARIJUANA.You have a lot of people that eats edibles and don’t give it the 2 hours to kick in and then they think they are dying but they are laughing it off a couple hours later.Another thing my family has said about Colorado is you could walk around asking for a pill,heroin, crystal meth,ect.They said cocaine may be located every now and then “that’s there only other recreational drug”I’ve watched Denver go to a run down town to little New York.We are always the last state that does anything.Legalizing marijuana would attract out of state people to enjoy our wonderful state that everyone looks down on.Our rds need fixed,we are like the only state without a professional league of ANYTHING,we have no amusement parks, but it will still attract people to see something they hadn’t seen.I have been to almost every dispensary in Denver just to look.The budtenders know all the info about each strain of flower,edible,concentrates,lotions,ect. They even have chocolate candy for females for sexual issues called flora. They have oils for female sexual situation,bathbalms. Why can’t we be one of the first states to do something for once and not the last state.If your worried about black markets there’s going to be a lot more to watch over do to the legalization rec/med in Michigan. Michigan is offering recreational consumers 2.5 ounces of flower that’s 1 ounce more than Colorado. 4 people make a trip there one store,that’s 10 ounces.If Michigan hasn’t set up a database and people can jump from store to store 2 stores 4 people 1 pound 4 ounces just 10 mins of work. Then on way back home. Yes there will be a issue, yes the prisons in Michigan and WV is overcrowded now, I think this would just be the beginning.I have all these medical issues majority of them since a young age. Age 13 I tried marijuana,I had bad stomach pains and Socail anxiety and out of 20+ medications they tried marijuana was the only thing that helped. Actual marijuana not what WV bill has passed.We become a med state but there’s no flower,concentrates,co2 cartilages pens is the only thing that has helped me and I have tried what the Bill has passed for WV. I don’t smoke to get high I smoke to ease pain,anxiety,it’s like I’m bipolar I can be In worst mood arguing with everyone I go smoke a couple puffs I come back and I’m like why are we arguing. It’s truly is a God given gift to earth and we are just learning about it 2019 years later when CA has beenl legal since 1996. You worry about people smoking and driving.If you drink and drive what’s going to stop you from smoking and driving plus think about all the people already that smokes and drives. There were over 35,000 deaths last year alcohol related take alcohol off shelf’s replace marijuana with it watch the decrease of wrecks. It takes 115 pounds consume in 15 mins to OD IMPOSSIBLE.Like CO you have to drive 180 miles into the state before you come to the first dispensary then there’s 97 of them in a 12 mile radius. You can take limo tours to shops, biggest grow rooms, 10% off each store my family living there said they hate coming to WV any more do to our heroin and meth problem,scared of getting robbed, hate seeing how this states turning out. I have a lot of information I can provide to anyone that’s interested in learning what I know…I’d love to help this state,love to offer people 1,000 of new job opportunities …

  2. Samuel Tumer on

    Thank you for standing up from the norm. I feel the same way as to Wv dragging behind what should be done! They where fast to get our state name on the nation wide board for MMJ. Ya were on the board and yet we no closer to help suffering Wv. I have read all I can about this issue and no where does Wv talk about the suffering of Wv people. I was in a tractor trailer roll over and suffer great pain in my lower back, left rotorcup, broken left pelvis that was never found until later and mood swing from a Tramic Brain Injury. Morgantown visits found deep depression and PTSD and was told to look for a nursing home. I wanted to make it on my own so I having been doing just that. I have been prescribed with so many pain meds then have them taken away because of the pain pill abuse in our state. I am now left with how do I manage my pain and suffer. I feel that they don’t suffer and so don’t understand what it like to hurt and I have no hope

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