White House rejects medical marijuana as opioid alternative

In a move that brought scathing condemnation from a Florida Republican congressman, the White House’s commission on the opioid epidemic has rejected calls to support medical marijuana as an alternative for pain patients.

The commission “specifically declined to endorse the use of marijuana for pain,” The Washington Post reported.

In addition, the commission’s chair, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, drew parallels between the opioid epidemic and the growing popularity of medical cannabis, a statement that U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-FL, called “outrageous.”

Positive endorsements likely would have led to increased interest in medical marijuana and, possibly, sales around the nation.

According to The Cannabist, Gaetz harshly condemned the MMJ views of the notoriously anti-marijuana Christie, saying, “it is shortsighted, it is inaccurate, and it is indefensible to suggest that the proliferation of medical cannabis – that is saving lives and improving the quality of life for people – somehow is analogous to the plague of the opioid crisis.”

Gaetz also said that “the federal government has lied to the American people for a generation about cannabis in asserting that it has no medical value.”

He was speaking at an event put on by the American Legion, which is a major supporter of medical cannabis and of increasing access to MMJ for military veterans.

Gaetz’s comments are noteworthy in that marijuana reform for years has been more of an issue championed by Democrats, but Republicans are increasingly joining the cause.

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6 comments on “White House rejects medical marijuana as opioid alternative
  1. Deb on

    Christie is a dolt. looks like he’s a user himself & gets lots of munchies. 🙂 seriously though, the U.S. policy on pot is still caught up in Reefer Madness stereotypes. Opioids are the evil, not pot. but we can’t expect anyone in the Trump admin to be anything near enlightened on most things, but especially on pot. sheesh.

  2. al simon on

    It’s people like Christie who is in the pocket of the pharma industry that is responsible for the biggest economic and social ripoff of the American people in history. Especially the people of New Jersey. He is not doing it blindly, he is doing this with the full knowledge that cannabis can help solve the opioid crisis in America.

  3. Victoria Khan on

    there’s nothing left to do but throw the fascist pigs out, anyone connected and elected… come their next election, GONE…

  4. clifton middleton on

    Christy is a conscious evil towards citizens who believe in the Herb. We are the largest Affinity Group/Religion in the Nation. We are more popular than Trump, Christy, Sessions and the entire Congress put together. For the love of Truth, just get out of the Way or be politically crushed.

  5. John Antonellis on

    When supposedly smart people think ignorantly I’m always flabbergasted. Especially when we elected these people! Christie had surgery to lose weight, how did that workout? Now this arrogant, lack of control and pompous individual is leading the assault on opioid addiction, yikes! I’m a 5 year pancreatic cancer survivor, Whipple, chemo and radiation. In addition to cancer I suffered several fractured vertebrae and a dislocated shoulder from a mountain biking accident prior to my diagnosis. Add to that several other surgeries resulting from an active lifestyle. For anyone who deals with chronic pain it’s easy to see how one can find themselves using opioids. I’m in a constant state of discomfort from the issues I’ve described and have been using MM effectively to manage these issues while remaining quite functional and productive. Also as a veteran it’s disgraceful that many legislators who never served drag their feet in efforts to make this safe alternative easily accessible to our veterans through the VA.

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