Whoopi Goldberg Launches Cannabis Business

Comedian Whoopi Goldberg is the latest celebrity to enter the burgeoning marijuana business.

Goldberg is partnering with Maya Elisabeth, the owner of OM Edibles, a growing collective and infused products seller.

The pair have launched a separate company called Whoopi & Maya that is developing products specifically for women.

The company will offer four cannabis-infused products that are aimed at reducing the pain and cramps from periods: a balm, a tincture, a sipping chocolate and a bath soak, USA Today reported.

The products will be available only in California to medical marijuana patients. Pricing has not yet been set, according to USA Today.

Goldberg, who vapes for medical reasons, told the paper she doesn’t plan to get into the recreational market.

While Goldberg has spoken publicly about her support for legalization, her investment in a medical marijuana business gives an added boost to the cannabis industry.

Goldberg said it was also important for her to get involved because the cannabis industry doesn’t have enough minority business-owners.