Will New Mexico Be The Next State To Backtrack On Medical Pot?

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We saw it in Michigan. We’re seeing it in Arizona. And there’s still a chance New Mexico might eventually attempt to make an about-face when it comes to medical marijuana as well.

The state’s governor, Susana Martinez, indicated while campaigning last year that she would seek to repeal the MMJ law. Martinez backed off those statements earlier this year, saying that she would work to ensure the regulations are being followed.

But, as we all know, things can change overnight in this industry. Some dispensary owners in New Mexico still fear there is a real possibility that Martinez will mount a campaign against medical marijuana – similar to what we’ve seen by state officials in Michigan and Arizona. A host of problems with the state’s patient licensing process are cropping up as well, with some patients saying that they are running into problems and delays when trying to get their cards renewed.

The good news is that it would be difficult to repeal the law in New Mexico, in large part because the regulations clearly detail  the procedures for getting a card as well as outline who can grow and sell marijuana. There isn’t much ambiguity on this front. Michigan, on the other hand, never outlined who can actually sell medical pot. That opened the door for the recent turmoil that has all but decimated the industry there.

Fortunately, other states are formulating and finalizing medical marijuana laws are more clear and, in many cases, more strict. If you’re operating – or hoping to open – a dispensary in a state with such laws, consider regulations a good thing.