Wisconsin lawmakers introduce bill to legalize medical cannabis

Three legislators introduced a bipartisan bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Wisconsin, creating a licensing system for growers, processors and sellers.

Sens. Jon Erpenbach and Patrick Testin along with Rep. Chris Taylor introduced the bill Friday. Erpenbach and Taylor are Democrats. Testin is a Republican.

The bill faces an uphill fight in the Republican-controlled Legislature.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has been open to legalizing medical marijuana for years but Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has said he doesn’t support it.

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers proposed legalizing medical marijuana in the state budget but Republicans removed the provision from the final spending plan.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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2 comments on “Wisconsin lawmakers introduce bill to legalize medical cannabis
  1. Mike on

    MJ has proved itself able to improve the condition of many types of sick people. Why not just make it medically legal and let doctors be doctors? Maybe because it would be bad precedent for some other Republican talking points. I’d suggest rethinking those other positions rather than screwing over lots of sick Americans.

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