Finance committee rebuffs Wisconsin governor’s medical marijuana plan

The Wisconsin Legislature’s joint finance committee on Thursday voted 11-4 along party lines to reject Gov. Tony Evers’ budget proposal to legalize medical marijuana.

All the committee’s Republicans voted to scrap the item, Wisconsin Public Radio reported.

In his budget plan, Evers, a Democrat, had recommended establishing a medical marijuana program that would have included a 10% tax surcharge on retail MMJ sales in addition to the state’s regular sales tax.

The legislative committee also rejected the governor’s plan to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use.

6 comments on “Finance committee rebuffs Wisconsin governor’s medical marijuana plan
  1. Gary on

    These illegitimate gerrymandering Republican frauds have no shame as they completeky eschew the will of the people. Wisconsin is TRASH

  2. Micheal kuzinski on

    Wisconsin is a GOP alchohol controlled state. Only federal law will legalize it In Wisconsin by these small minded people.

  3. Matt on

    Gary hit the nail on the head. GOP shills just want to get paid and don’t gaf about regular people living in Wisconsin.

  4. Curtis on

    while medical marijuana could help many people with various conditions. It could cut back opioid use for chronic pain, Kemotherapy side affects relief, and many other conditions republicans backwoods thinking continues to block progress. WE need to vote OUT the republican majority for not representing the wishes of the people. They also blocked medicaid expansion in which 75% of voters were in favor of, majority also in favor of legalized medical marijuana. If your not representing the wishes of the people what are you representing, big pharma, the alcohol industry or what GET … OUT.

    • James on

      Time to get rid of these people
      You’re fired.. vote for anyone else other than those who are against the will of the people

  5. Tommydye on

    First of all Governor Evers only said he would legalize weed to get votes.This weak governor is just like all the others promise to do so much until elected.Stupid governor has no power …medical weed helps so many,but republicans are paid to keep people hooked on pills,and lock up the poor for weed to destroy families.We must tell Evers to grow a pair


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