Cannabis publication High Times accused of Women of Weed trademark infringement

Women of Weed, Cannabis publication High Times accused of Women of Weed trademark infringement

A marijuana industry pioneer alleges that High Times infringed on her Women of Weed federally registered trademark and did so in a “sexualized” way.

Ah Warner, founder and CEO of Seattle-based Cannabis Basics, also said High Times has ignored repeated requests to stop.

Ah Warner launched Women of Weed in May 2013 in Washington state as a private social club. It now has 167 members with business experience in the cannabis industry and also includes industry activists.

In May 2016, Warner’s parent company, Mother Earth’s Green Services, secured a federally registered trademark for the name Women of Weed for business networking and social events.

She claims that High Times, which publishes a monthly magazine, has been creating market confusion and debasing her mark by sponsoring its own Women of Weed events for the past 14 months.

High Times didn’t immediately respond to Marijuana Business Daily‘s request for comment.

In an interview, Warner pointed in part to a promotion of a High Times Women of Weed event in September 2018 in which a naked woman was shown lying in a bed of marijuana.

“If you want, you can sexualize your own brand,” Warner told MJBizDaily. “But don’t dare do it to someone else’s brand, and that’s what’s happening.”

Warner’s attorney, who threatened legal action, has sent three cease-and-desist letters to California-based High Times since February 2018, including one this month.

Warner noted she found this dispute particularly painful because over the years High Times has written about her activism and her company and bestowed awards on her firm and its products.

“But this is not the High Times of yesteryear,” Warner said. “They don’t care about the relationship.

“They don’t know me, they don’t care about our shared history.”

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5 comments on “Cannabis publication High Times accused of Women of Weed trademark infringement
  1. Janice Bickel on

    High Times, like all cannabis “bro” culture businesses, are about to be crushed like ants in the commercialization of cannabis. Only an idiot would put sexist ads out when women are the fastest growing cannabis segment. And only an incredible idiot would put it out while stealing a brand that empowers women in weed. They are not long for this business. Good thing.

  2. Barry Herzberg on

    High Times has a brand new CEO, Kraig Fox, as of last month who likely has a different take on things. Give him a chance.

    • Ah Warner on

      Kraig Fox recieved and ignored the third cease and desist like all the others at HT. He has been given a chance and chooses to continue the status quo.

  3. Pam on

    I just read the Variety article about Kraig being hired by THC. Looks like they’re out on the smash and grab path to secure their position for the IPO. Definitely a rough time to stand up to them for your business.
    On a different angle…
    Maybe HT wants to be the Hustler of the cannabis publication market. If so, don’t you think the women models would like a little respect and be brought into the Women of Weed circle of weed appreciation? If that’s the case, I’d nominate them to your group and pass a joint to them too.
    I just don’t understand why it always has to be about the Bro-code and why the women models are not supported for working hard for those bodies and having courage to show them off provocatively.
    If weed didn’t give me hives like grass does, I’d lie naked in it too but I don’t have the body for provocative public photo’s.
    Anyways, maybe a little guerilla marketing is needed here. Approach the modeling companies instead of THC. Flip the women if the Bro-code is too dense.

  4. Alison Baird on

    I’m one of over a hundred Women of Weed and joined over six years ago. I’m also the former managing editor of Dope Magazine which you just acquired.
    I know you must be aware the Women of Weed brand has been trademarked for several years, and the paperwork is posted online for everyone to see. There’s really no debate. HT messed up, and it’s only right for you to acknowledge this. Ignoring the original Women of Weed is not cool guys?…why don’t you just print a retraction acknowledging the Original WoW and in doing so honor all women in cannabis? I have a deep respect for the women on your list, and agree they should be honored. I’m also pretty certain some of them must be disappointed in your disregard for the first, trademarked Wow group.
    Just a guess.
    Here’s to doing the right thing?HT you can do this…show us your integrity.

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