Wyoming joins states that ban hemp-derived THC

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Wyoming is the latest state to ban the sale of hemp-derived THC products.

Gov. Mark Gordon recently signed into law Senate File 32, which mandates that “no person or licensee shall … add alter, insert or otherwise include any synthetic substance into hemp or hemp products produced, processed or sold in accordance with this chapter.”

The new law also calls for state officials to conduct inspections of stores that sell hemp products and to use chemical analyses to test such goods to ensure they are legal.

The ban goes into effect July 1.

Violators will be subject to a “corrective active plan” that could include:

  • Reporting requirements.
  • Additional inspections,
  • License suspension.
  • Disposal of hemp products whose THC levels exceed the federally legal threshold of 0.3%.

Wyoming’s move follows Arizona’s attorney general this week declaring illegal the sale of hemp-derived cannabinoid products by any entity that’s not a state-licensed marijuana retailer.

At least one Wyoming business owner is considering legal action against the ban on selling hemp-derived THC products.

Sam Watt, owner of the Platte Hemp Co., told Cheyenne-based Cowboy State Daily that “he’s ready to file a lawsuit on behalf of his business and about 80 others selling hemp products” in Wyoming.

Watt, who has five stores in Wyoming, said that owners of some of the other stores have contacted him about filing a lawsuit to stop the ban.

A map showing delta-8’s legal status around the United States is available here.