12 Firms Gunning for Minnesota Medical Marijuana Licenses

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A dozen companies filed formal applications for medical cannabis business licenses in Minnesota by the Friday deadline, forking over $20,000 each for the opportunity to grow, process and sell medical cannabis products.

Though 29 firms previously submitted letters of intent to file applications, the sizable fee and the state cap of just two MMJ businesses likely discouraged many from following through.

The state will announce finalists on Dec. 1.

The two selected companies will be permitted to establish up to four dispensaries apiece across Minnesota, with the first centers slated to open as early as July.

Minnesota’s health department has not released a list of the applicants, though several – including the owners of a chain of flower stores – have revealed themselves.

The state has one of the strictest MMJ laws in the country. It allows only non-smokable forms of cannabis to be sold, such as ointments and pills, and includes a very limited list of qualifying medical conditions.