180 Dispensaries Reportedly Operating in Detroit

Detroit has quietly, quickly and surprisingly become a major hub for medical marijuana businesses, with an estimated 180 dispensaries now calling the city home, according to a local official’s estimate.

Michigan is one of a handful of MMJ states in the country that doesn’t have a regulatory infrastructure in place for the industry. As such, it’s difficult to keep track of just how many MMJ dispensaries are actually operating at a given time.

But 180 in a single municipality is a significant increase from just a year ago, when there were an estimated 75-100 in the entire state, according to the 2014 Marijuana Business Factbook.

That’s an indication not just of market demand in the state and city, but also of the determined nature of the entrepreneurs who want to make the industry work.

There could be a backlash, however, in the absence of regulations.

“This is the next big thing in the city of Detroit,” City Councilman James Tate told a Detroit TV station. “These buildings, they have now just started popping up everywhere and because the state law is not clear on if they’re allowed or not, we take these businesses to court and they just get tied up and they just stay there.”

Tate added that the city has not won a case against dispensaries and therefore hasn’t been able to shut any down.

“Most of these businesses don’t have a permit, they have no licensing,” he said.

Tate said it’s up to state lawmakers to pass some form of regulations for the industry before city officials can deal effectively with MMJ companies.

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4 comments on “180 Dispensaries Reportedly Operating in Detroit
  1. JM on

    This is not a true statement, I live outside of Detroit and am very involved in the industry. There might be 100 dispensaries in METRO Detroit, most being centered within the city limits because of regulations and police forces focusing on hard drugs such as Meth and Heroin but there is NOT 180 within the city limits of Detroit.

  2. JM on

    ^To add to the above, the city of Detroit is one of the biggest cities, geographically speaking (square acreage) in the country. Places like Oakland County however that have 1/4 of the MMJ patients in the State of MI have less than 20 dispensaries. It is truly a segmented situation with individual cities/townships/boroughs determining whether or not to “bother” these businesses. A lot of the local police in places where they want dispensaries gone will simply raid the store, seizing all inventory and cash without taking anyone to jail/court knowing specifically the gray area surrounding prosecution.

  3. A. on

    Please some of you people where it is already legal help Florida pass a medical marijuana law. We have a great attorney here (John Morgan)trying so hard to get it passed but there are a lot of older conservative people here that just won’t vote for it.

  4. Merry Maiani on

    Regarding Florida and getting the medical marijuana law passed, I was told it failed to pass because the governor is a part owner in CVS pharmacies. Where most states required a 55% majority vote, he was able to get it raised to a 60% majority vote and it only received 58%. Time to vote in a new governor.

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