Not Much to Like in Washington MMJ Recommendations

Washington State’s Liquor Control Board gave its final recommendations this week on how the state should proceed with its medical marijuana program.

There’s not much to like here if you operate a medical marijuana dispensary. As feared, the recommendations would essentially wipe out the existing MMJ industry and force many existing dispensaries to close.

Aside from suggesting that residents should be allowed to grow cannabis at home, the board recommended that medical marijuana be sold at recreational shops licensed under the state’s I-502 law – not at separate dispensaries. Medical patients, however, would not pay the same sales tax that recreational customers pay.

The board also recommended lowering the allowable limit on marijuana purchases from 24 ounces to just three ounces for medical patients, though there would be additional limits for infused products.

Finally, the board recommended changes to the licensing process for medical marijuana patients.

Patients under 17 would be required to have the consent of a parent. The bar would be raised for which patients would receive marijuana prescriptions. Only patients with pain that interferes with one’s daily life would be given prescriptions, although a special addition would be given for cancer.

And medical professionals who operate practices that specifically grant medical marijuana prescriptions would be shut down.

Supporters of this plan argue that if the existing system is allowed to stay, it would undercut the recreational industry, and the state would lose valuable tax dollars. Effectively, the medical marijuana shops would become the new black market. And the U.S. Justice Department has also indicated that the state’s medical marijuana industry, which as of now is unregulated, is not acceptable.

This fear is valid; however, there has to be a compromise that would enable at least some of the medical dispensaries are allowed to stay open under tighter government restrictions.

These recommendations show that lawmakers in Washington State either do not believe in the medicinal value of marijuana or do not understand the difference between medical dispensaries and recreational retail centers. Patients who want the one-on-one consultation and discreet service offered by a medical shop will probably not find that at recreational shops, where getting high is the primary service, not treating pain.

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9 comments on “Not Much to Like in Washington MMJ Recommendations
  1. Gary on

    Hopefully the people who are trying to screw this law up will never have the need to have a steady supply of mmj….Or maybe they will get a debilitating condition that requires it….Sometimes people need this in order to a different view.

  2. kenneth anderson on

    The WSLB are a bunch of greedy people just trying to corner the whole market. Being a medical marijuana card holder is very important to me and to lots of other people. THe medical laws currently have been put in place years ago. Dispensaries are getting better with making sure all regulations are jusly followed. It sickens me to see a bunch of money bandits try and get rid of the important medical marijuana. It seems all about the money. Dispensaries may not have been perfect over the years but they are getting better with following laws. I am happy to get strains that I want to get at prices that I can afford. The wslb wants to make everything different. Reduce potency in strains. Not allow me to grow what I want to grow. They wanna come across like there way is the better way. They don’t care. They just want the money. Make all the medical card holders miserable with there new laws and taxes. Things are fine just the way they are. We don’t need a bunch of bandits trying to change things that don’t need changing. They are just mad because medical marijuana makes income that they would rather have. I wish they would just back off and leave things be. If i wanna go to the wslb and buy well i will. If i don’t want to well Id like to have the right to do so. I pay to enjoy dispensary rights. 99 dollars a year. I feel I have the right to buy where I want to buy in the medical community of marijuana.

  3. Jillyin James on

    I’m just curious why methamphetamine hydrochloride has been available by prescription without a registration card or a licensing fee to the state since 1944 under the brand name desoxyn and is now covered, as it has been for a while, under insurance plans, but medical cannabis is treated as a harmful substance simply because politicians want money?

  4. Derek on

    WSLB clearly does not have the interest of the people in mind, if they did, they wouldn’t be consulting with industry newjacks. It’s disgusting, the amount of greed that has flowed through the minds of cannabis industry newcomers. We’re treating MS, Epilepsy and curing cancer, and these assholes are trying to limit access and potency. Rec should be a choice, just like the choice to enjoy a glass of wine.
    Say you limit all alcohol in the state to the 12-17% alcohol content that is wine, would you give up all the other products involving alcohol? This includes everything from whiskey to windex. It’s ludicrous.(Not your favorite rapper)

  5. Roger on

    WSLCB is over regulating recreational marijuana and creating rules to expand their control to keep the outdated liquor control model defined at the end of prohibition in 1933. Now the WSLCB is recommending that they further expand their role defined in I-502 to include the medical marijuana industry. Medical marijuana patients, providers, dispensaries, collective gardens, etc. need to speak up and tell their elected lawmakers how they want to be represented. Don’t let WSLCB shut down your small businesses and reduce your rights.

  6. JBO on

    I have been watching one young couple try to get their ball rolling in Pacific, Wa. now for the last few months, not to mention the years of experience they have accumulated to become a qualified / legal producer of marijuana only to be subjected to ignorant illegal and totally unnecessary processes brought on by the city of Pacific,Wa. To try and prevent them operating, what would be a totally legal business not to mention profitable to the city of Pacific. Pacific’s own city council lied to their residents about there being a moratorium in effect at the thime when this family leased a warehouse to grow and conduct business at only to be stopped and delayed from proceeding with plans, all the while paying $4000 a month in rent and expences. I’m hoping to see soon the state step in and squash the city of Pacific’s roadblock for this young couple. Let’s remember the track record Pacific has had in just the past two years with their, for lack of a better description, “leadership issues”.
    I try am pulling for these folks, they’re good people and deserve the oppertunity at a successful business just like any other good All American young couple deserves.
    In case you might be wondering, these two young folks are not quitting, they’re just getting warmed up!
    Respectfully, JBO.

  7. RJD on

    WSLCB says there are no legal dispensaries in WA state. MMJ dispensaries are not illegal. The existing MMJ laws to not specifically mention dispensaries as allowed or not, so WSLCB says they are not legal.

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