1st American Indian MJ Trade Group Launches

The nation’s first marijuana trade organization for Native American tribes officially launches today.

The National Indian Cannabis Coalition says it’s goal is to “inform and educate tribal leaders” on the ins and outs of the legal marijuana industry and to serve as an educational resource on MJ economic development opportunities

The federal government said in December that it wouldn’t enforce a federal ban on marijuana cultivation and sales on sovereign lands. Some tribes have already announced their intention to start growing and selling cannabis, others have said they’re considering it and several have flat-out said they have no intention of entering the marijuana industry.

Industry leaders worry that tribes will have an unfair advantage when they start producing and selling cannabis because they’re not subject to certain tax laws that non-tribal companies must face.

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4 comments on “1st American Indian MJ Trade Group Launches
  1. Chuck on

    The tribes pay taxes on all their businesses and so do their employees. They damn sure pay more than General Electric which had an effective tax rate of MINUS 1.3 percent due to corporate welfare or The NFL which paid NOTHING

  2. Sarah on

    Bravo Native Americans!! Bravo.
    Look at all of the states that have legalized casino’s. I think legalizing all started in Connecticut with a Native American group suing for the right. The Saprano’s series had an episode with American Indians dealing with Tony from a casino in New England.
    What is cool, is they won’t have to pay normal structure taxes. This will cause other groups to want to make money – like tax people and General Electric.

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