California Tribe Inks MMJ Deal

It’s official: Native Americans are getting into the marijuana industry.

The Pinoleville Pomo Nation announced that it has solidified a deal with FoxBarry Development Company to build a 90,000 square foot indoor cultivation center for medical marijuana on its land north of San Francisco, in Mendocino County.

Construction is slated to begin next month, and operations could start by the end of February. The new building will also include 20,000 square feet of space for processing and offices.

FoxBarry has committed $30 million to construct at least three MMJ operations centers scattered across the state, and a company executive said the firm is close to signing another deal with a second tribe as well.

FoxBarry and Pinoleville plan to grow a wide variety of strains and produce infused products with the help of Colorado-based United Cannabis, which will serve as a consulting firm to the operations.

The news of the deal follows an announcement last month from the Departent of Justice, which declared that it would not prosecute Native American tribes that wish to grow and sell marijuana on tribal lands. So far, few tribes have expressed interest in the industry.

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4 comments on “California Tribe Inks MMJ Deal
  1. Jimmy Limo on

    2 acres under one roof ? That will grow a lot of herb. If this kind of growth continues, excessive supply will drive down the cost of pot to where it is price-competitive with alcohol.

  2. Grady Padgett on

    After hundreds of years being persecuted now First Nation perple have a shot at getting it all back! First with their casinos now with pot soon they will have enough “wampum” to buy the whole country back…from the Chinese

  3. Mike Maltese on

    Good! The prices at ATCs are outrages! Especially for the sick who can’t work, this would be a blessing! And WHO deserves the right to cultivate Cannabis more than the Native Americans? No one, I say!

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