Incorporate uncertainty into your marijuana business plan

Wouldn’t it be great if words that we’re tired of could just stop being part of our reality?

We’ve lived in “unprecedented” and “uncertain” times for nearly two years, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s disrupted our daily lives and our business operations.


Supply-chain crunch hits California marijuana companies

California marijuana companies – already facing labor shortages, high taxes and regulatory red tape – are now contending with supply-chain gridlock, forcing many to reassess and revamp procurement strategies as margins shrink.


What cannabis companies should know about using mailers as a marketing tool

Kentucky-based Cornbread Hemp has included mailers in its marketing strategy for at least two years.

But a recent tweak to the company’s messaging on a promotional postcard brought more attention than it bargained for – so much so, it’s been flooded with orders and incited some worry among Cornbread Hemp’s customer base.


California cannabis company sues over revoked business license

A California cannabis business that lost a license after its former owner was convicted on bribery charges is suing the municipality that revoked the permit, claiming city leaders exceeded their authority and didn’t follow their own procedures for disciplining marijuana companies.